Things To Remember When Designing A Pageant Program

Belles of the Beach Pageants, Inc. is an organization dedicated to providing the pageant experience to girls of all ages, shapes and sizes. They host several pageants throughout the year and they print a full color pageant program to help enhance the experience. Their most recent program was the program for their 3rd Annual Sweetheart Pageant. I liked the design and wanted to learn more so I spoke with Donnela Green-Johnson, the director and owner, to learn more.

It’s important to Donnela that she can quickly and easily put these programs together. Since she is the owner and director of the organization she is incredibly busy. She doesn’t have a ton of time to work on these programs. To make the project easy she tries to keep everything simple. She uses a standard layout that emphasizes clean lines and simple graphics. Instead of using a lot of wild colors she chooses 1-2 bright colors and uses them consistently throughout the design. Keeping the design work simply is especially useful when there are last minute submissions and edits because she can quickly update the design with the new information.

Since Donnela has made many programs she has a layout and system that works well for her. If this is your first time putting a program together here are some things to include:

  • Pageant Staff
  • Scholarship Rules
  • Judges Biography & Special Guests
  • Upcoming Events Or Workshops
  • Advertising Pages
  • Ads That Sponsor Contestants
  • Special Thanks Page
  • Farewell
  • Autograph Page

One unique thing that I liked about this program was the cover image. The cover picture for thisprogram waschosen through competition as well. When the contestants fill out the application form they can also submit a picture to try and win the cover spot. I like this concept because it provides another opportunity to win something. One lucky girl will get her picture on the cover of the program, even if she doesn’t win the competition itself. In addition, the entries for this part of the competition are included in the first few pagesof the program.

Donnela said that we are the best quality printing they have ever had. We also have comparable pricing. She wasn’t that happy with her previous printers because the images weren’t crisp so she searched online to find a solution. Since our pricing was comparable she decided to give us a try and she couldn’t be happier.

Donnela gave these programs away at the Sweetheart Pageant but at some pageants (like the state fair pageant) they sell the programs for $2 apiece. This helps pay for the printing cost of the programs. Many of the participant’s family members will purchase an ad space so they can include a special message. Donnela does sell ad space in the program. She bases the pricing off the size of the ad.

  • $20 Full Page Ad
  • $10 Half Page Ad
  • $5 Quarter Page Ad

The programs are appreciated by the family members and contestants. They will often keep a few copies and share them with the friends and extended family. The event magazines help give the pageant a professional feel which is important because it helps to enhance the experience.

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