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Give the audience and the dancers something to take home so that this recital can be the one they remember! Your recital programs can be used as marketing materials filled with class schedules and upcoming activities. It should contain information people attending need to know so they can track what’s happening during the recital.

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  • Portrait Sizes: 8.5 x 11, 5.5 x 8.5, 6 x 9, 7.5 x 10.
  • Landscape Sizes: 8.5 x 5.5, 9 x 6 and some custom sizes.
  • Square Sizes: 6 x 6, 8 x 8


Our online design tool is fun, easy to use, and perfect for helping you create the affordable photo booklet that you’ve been wanting. You can now create your inexpensive soft cover dance recital program photo booklets in no time with our photo book designer. Just drag and drop your photos, add your text and our online design tool will make it pop.

Design Your Program

Our professional quality photo booklets are printed in vivid full-color on 100# gloss or matte text (self cover). Or add 80# gloss or matte cover which can be UV coated to give that luxurious high gloss finish! Our custom photo books can start with as few as eight pages including cover. Pages can be added in multiples of 4 pages – allowing you to design books with 8, 12, 16 & up pages. You can also print on the inside front and back cover.

Adding more pages gives you more space to showcase the dancers and anything else you need to make your program perfect. Our most popular sizes are 8.5 x 11″ and 5.5 x 8.5″ but your booklet can be just about any size you need it to be! Check out our website and get started today!

PDF File Checklist

Dance programs can include virtually anything you need them to. Why not use your booklet to increase the number of sponsors and help raise funds for your next event? A stylish and well designed booklet can be the perfect way to introduce any fundraising ideas and dancers that you have!

Make sure the sponsors know:

  • what organization they will be supporting
  • what the money will be used for
  • when the calendar distribution begins and ends
  • size of the ads, where they will be in the calendar and how much they will cost

Program Fundraising

The dance booklet to the right is part of a 5 year fundraising campaign that Dance Alive National Ballet put together to help increase the number of their corporate sponsors. They met with corporations who they thought would be interested in sponsoring their dance company. When they gave their presentation they passed out copies of this booklet and it helped demonstrate how supporting their organization in turn benefited the community.

Read the case study here.

Your fundraising options are not limited to booklet products! You can also raise funds by printing a fundraising calendar. If you choose to sell advertisements be sure to take the time to teach members of your organization how to sell ads.

On the right you can see a fundraising calendar that was produced using our free online design tool. You can add your own custom pictures and text!

Read the case study here.

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Make Your Program Stand Out By Using Local Advertisements

Selling advertisements in your program can provide additional revenue for your organization. This money can be used for the program printing or to help purchase costumes for upcoming shows. Our online design tools make it easy to create the perfect space in your program booklet for any ad or fundraiser campaign.

Make Memories Last Forever At The Click Of A Mouse

The Christmas dance recital program below was created using our online design tool. Create your own showcase worthy program by heading to our website today!


Read the full case study here.


  • a printed schedule and description of events including order of activities and duration
  • an introduction
  • an “about us” section
  • directors, instructors, staff list and volunteers
  • recognition and acknowledgements
  • accomplishments
  • advertisements
  • sponsorship advertisements
  • music and costume credits
  • autograph and memories pages
  • seasonal schedule
  • list of participants and performers
  • group pictures

Your program should be a representation of your company and encapsulate the feeling of each performance. Upload your custom design easily and don’t miss the opportunity to make the best program for everyone to enjoy.

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