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Texas Hill Country Realtor Makes a Big Impression with High-Quality Buyer’s Guides

Tired of losing clients to realtors with more impressive marketing materials? Learn how a professionally printed buyer’s guide can seal the deal in this week’s customer showcase article.

In the heart of the beautiful Texas Hill Country, you’ll find Hannah Curro, a passionate real estate agent dedicated to guiding her clients through every step of their home buying, selling, and building journeys. But Hannah doesn’t just rely on digital tools – she understands the power of high-quality printed marketing materials to connect with clients on a deeper level.

Career Change into Real Estate Rockstar

Hannah Curro’s real estate journey began a few years ago when a career shift led her to pursue her passion for the industry. “I decided to become a realtor about 4 years ago when COVID hit which caused me to lose my then current job. I then set my goals on real estate and passed the exam 2 weeks later”, Hannah shares. With remarkable focus and determination, she completed the demanding real estate licensing course in just 30 days and passed the exam with flying colors. Since then, she hasn’t looked back.

buyers guide Hannah Curro

Targeting Diverse Clients with a Personal Touch

Hannah Curro caters to a wide range of clients, from first-time homebuyers to those seeking custom-built dream homes and luxury properties. “I personally love printed material because I love the amount of people that I can connect with through it. It is a great tool to educate and impress my clients. It adds such a personal touch especially when you are able to pass it on face to face. Having quick bits of information to refer to educate my clientele is key. And when presented in the correct way it can feel like a gift when we receive it.”

Understanding that a personal touch goes a long way, she utilizes a variety of marketing strategies, including:

  • Printing and Marketing Flyers, Booklets, and Presentations: Hannah recognizes the value of buyer’s guides, seller’s guides, and other printed materials, and PrintingCenterUSA is her trusted partner for creating these essential tools.
  • Strategic Distribution: She takes a multi-pronged approach to getting her informative booklets into the hands of potential clients. This includes distributing them at local businesses, handing them out during personal interactions, and keeping a readily available stock in her car.
  • The Power of “Pop-By” Treats: Hannah adds a delightful touch to her marketing by pairing delicious baked goods with her business cards during visits to local businesses.

A Dream Realized: Shareable Informative Content

Hannah’s dream is for her buyer’s guides to be not just informative resources for her clients, but valuable tools that get passed on and shared within the community. This expands her reach and allows her expertise to benefit an even wider audience. “My clients not only love my printed materials but they appreciate them as well. They are there as their tools throughout the entire home transaction.”

Buyer’s Guide Strategy

We asked Hannah to share some of her strategy behind the success of her buyer’s guide:

“I have all my marketing materials branded so I designed all of my materials to fit my business. This includes pre-listing and listing packets, home selling and buying booklets, home valuation mailers, all of that good stuff. I keep a file of all digital downloads on my phone so that I can send them instantly through email as well as a file of printed materials in my car to hand out I like to drop off materials at locally owned businesses as well that I have developed a good relationship with and then they normally pass it on to their customers. Handing them out also creates a good time for relationship building in the community. The real estate business is constantly moving forward so the learning and goal setting never ends.”

buyers guide Hannah Curro

Continued Success with a Multi-Channel Approach

Hannah plans to maintain her current level of printed marketing materials while leveraging the power of social media to reach her target audience. She emphasizes the importance of consistency across all marketing channels to ensure a strong brand presence.

Hannah Curo praises PrintingCenterUSA for their exceptional customer service and high-quality printing. She highlights the importance of using a printing partner who understands the unique needs of real estate professionals. “Printing material is more than just paper, they are relationship builders and educational tools.”

“My dream scenario with the printed products is to not only give them to potential clients but for them to pass them on and share as well. It is informative material that so many people could find valuable and can be used for reference at any time.”

Hannah Curo’s story is a testament to the power of combining passion, strategic marketing, and high-quality printed materials. By providing informative and valuable buyer’s guides printed by PrintingCenterUSA, she’s making a lasting impression on clients and achieving continued success in the competitive Texas Hill Country real estate market.

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