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Top 10 Real Estate Templates on Canva 2024

Tired of spending hours on listing flyers and social media graphics? Looking to elevate your brand without hiring a designer? Real estate Canva templates might just be the next best thing!

Start Using Real Estate Templates on Canva

More and more real estate agents and brokers are using real estate Canva templates to create professional and visually appealing marketing materials. With its user-friendly interface and vast selection of templates, Canva helps you save time and money while building a strong brand identity.

Here are the top 10 real estate templates on Canva!

1. Property Listings

Attract more buyers with a well-designed property listing template. It highlights your property’s best features for maximum appeal. These templates often feature large, high-quality images of the property, detailed descriptions, key features, and contact information. The layout is clean and organized, making it easy for potential buyers to absorb information.

High-quality Flyers from PrintingCenterUSA are perfect for property listings because they have enough space for detailed descriptions and vivid photography.

Click here to customize this template on Canva!

2. Open House Invites

Open house invites need to stand out and persuade potential buyers to stop by for a visit. A real estate Canva template can make your open house feel exciting and the event will be something memorable your clients won’t want to miss!

Postcards from PrintingCenterUSA are perfect for mailing as open house invites and you could use door hangers to create a sense of urgency and excitement around the open house.

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3. Neighborhood Highlights

Paint the picture by highlighting neighborhood amenities to help potential buyers visualize living in that community. This can add value to the property your selling. Layouts for these templates focus on community features like schools, parks, shopping, and dining options, often with maps, icons, and brief descriptions. Things the neighborhood offers can be deal breakers or game changers depending on the lifestyle of the buyer.

Brochures are great for a project like this! They offer extra space for more details and insights to the neighborhood. Postcards offer a smaller, more affordable format that’s still perfect for busy realtors on the go.

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4. Real Estate Agent Profile

A slick agent profile is a great way to show off your expertise and personality! These Canva templates typically include a professional photo, biography, contact information, and highlights of past sales or testimonials. The design is sleek and professional.

Print your slick agent profile on premium quality flyer from PrintingCenterUSA, perfect for networking events and client meetings. Or choose eye-catching business cards for those essential introductions.

Click here to use the business card template or agent profile template!

5. Property Comparison Chart

Imagine if you could simplify the decision-making process for your buyers? A well-designed Property Comparison Chart does exactly that! This tool breaks down key features like price, location, and amenities side-by-side, giving buyers a clear and organized overview of their options.

Simplify the home buying process for your clients and print your property comparison chart on a flyer with PrintingCenterUSA!

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6. Real Estate Newsletter

How do you keep your business in the minds of clients in the ever-changing world of real estate? A newsletter packed with market updates, featured listings, upcoming open houses, and valuable tips for buyers and sellers could be your secret weapon!

Print your professionally designed newsletter on quality paper stock with PrintingCenterUSA. Choose from various formats to suit your content and distribution needs.

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7. Investment Summary

Are you seeking to attract potential investors to your real estate projects? A well-crafted investment summary could be the key to securing funds. This document needs to present complex financial data, projections, and market analysis in a way that’s both clear and compelling. A strong investment summary highlights the potential returns for investors and demonstrates why your property is a wise choice.

Impress investors with a professional presentation! Print your investment summary in a comprehensive booklet format with PrintingCenterUSA. Make sure your financial data and analysis stand out with high-quality printing and a variety of customization options.

Click here to use this investment summary template!

8. Buyers Guides

The home buying process can be daunting, especially for first-time homebuyers. A buyer’s guide provides a roadmap for your clients and can minimize the chances of confusion or misunderstandings while clearly outlining the process.

Equip your buyers for success! With PrintingCenterUSA, turn your Canva buyer’s guide into a comprehensive booklet. Offer a valuable and informative resource that builds trust and guides clients through the process.

Click here to create your own buyers guide with this template!

9. Staging Guide

Staging helps homes look their best in listings and during showings, which can attract more buyers and potentially lead to higher offers. Photos of well-staged rooms show sellers what they’re aiming for. Helping your clients by providing a staging guide can be a simple tool to help them feel like active participants and make your job selling their property a lot easier.

Books provide a comprehensive guide that sellers can refer to throughout the staging process.

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10. Closing Checklist

The best checklists cover everything required for a successful closing, from final inspections to gathering necessary signatures and funds. Clients can easily consult the checklist as closing day approaches, ensuring they stay on track and avoid any last-minute delays.

Keep all parties on track with a handy closing checklist. Design your own customized checklist using a Canva template and print it on a on a flyer from PrintingCenterUSA!

Click here to use the checklist template!


Canva empowers you to design but PCUSA empowers you to impress! Top real estate agencies and maybe even your competitors are using Canva’s real estate templates to drive sales. Real estate templates give your listings a refined look and with our wide variety of printing options and specifications you can leave a lasting impression on clients by printing your Canva designs with PrintingCenterUSA!

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