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Fresco Fabrics Catalog Case Study

My favorite thing about Fresco Fabrics is the fun, brightly colored products that they offer. I spoke with Annie Castleberry, the owner of the company to learn more about the purses, handbags, pillows and other products that they produce. I asked Annie what had inspired her to start a company and was surprised to find that it was fabric.

Annie has always loved the colors and style of Latin American textiles. She was inspired to start designing her own purses and other products using these textiles. The fabric that she uses actually comes from Guatemala. Local artisans use treadle looms to hand-weave these traditional fabrics. They use the same colors and motifs that have been passed down since the 16th century.  These fabrics are what make the products from Fresco Fabrics so colorful and bright.

The catalog that Annie produces is one of their vital selling tools. By taking a catalog and fabric swatch book her sales rep’s can show a potential buyer all of the products they offer and give them an opportunity to feel the fabrics the products are made from. Then, they can leave the catalog behind as a reminder, giving the buyer time to peruse the catalog at their leisure.

Annie was at a tradeshow when she learned about our company. She went online and found that our prices were lower than her previous printer and our turnaround time was faster as well. She decided to give us a try and was happy with her first run. Since then she has printed a second run of catalogs with us and plans to continue to use us for all her printing needs.

Fresco Fabrics offers a variety of products to meet the price point of every potential customer. You can choose between purses, and pillows. Perhaps a bright new table runner is what you need to complete your “spring look”. You can also purchase the fabric directly from them to use in your own projects.

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