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Save the Date Wedding Magazine – Case Study

Most wedding announcements are single page programs or simple postcard invitations. Shaquana Williams is getting married, and she wanted a way to share her love story with her family and friends. After looking online and rejecting traditional “save the date” notifications like postcards and magnets, Shaq decided to print a save-the-date magazine instead.

Drew, her fiancé, wasn’t entirely convinced. He was worried that a wedding magazine would be “over-the-top”, but as the project progressed, he fell in love with the idea. They started by getting the pictures for the magazine. They chose locations like the Brooklyn Bridge and the New York Library because those locations had a lot of personal meaning for the couple. After getting the pictures together it was time to start designing the magazine.

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To ensure that the magazine was perfect, Shaq designed the entire magazine in PowerPoint. This allowed her to get the exact look and feel she wanted the magazine to have. Since we don’t accept PowerPoint files, Shaq hired a graphic designer from Etsy to make sure that the files were print-ready.

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Shaq found the concept for the magazine and the graphic designer online. Where did she look to find her printing company? Online. She found us by searching “cheap magazine printing”. Worried about the quality of a “cheap” company, she requested a sample packet. The paper sample guide allowed her to feel the different papers that we offer and helped her choose the UV coating that makes the cover pop! She also requested a hardcopy proof because she wanted to see one copy of her magazine before the entire order was printed. She is a discerning customer so she also got a 2nd hardcopy proof from a cheaper printing company to compare the print quality. That finalized her decision to print with us. After seeing the magazine that we produced, compared to the sample she got from the other company the choice was clear.

There were two things that she liked best about working with us:

  1.  She loved that one person was assigned to her order and that we are easy to contact. With many places online you never know who you talk to or you have to go through a phone system to reach someone.
  2. She really loved that she could call us, get us on the phone right away and talk with one person about her project that knew the story and status of her order.

In the end, how did the project turn out? It was a huge success. Her friends and family loved the magazine. They raved about the pictures and they were glad to learn the story. Shaq succeeded in her goal of creating a memorable booklet that tells her love story. She plans to keep several copies for her future children so that when they get older they can have a keepsake from their parents wedding.

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