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Calendars Case Study Success Series

The Craft of Photography Calendars by Diane Jensen

Learn about Diane Jensen, a Wisconsin fine art photographer & her skill in creating photography calendars, through her partnership with PrintingCenterUSA

Meet Diane Jensen, a fine art photographer based in Northeastern Wisconsin. She has made a name for herself through her company ‘UpNortPhoto’ captivating nature, landscape, and wildlife photography. Her images are not just snapshots of nature, but an immersive experience that invite  ...

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kerry johnson graphic design
Art Case Study Graphic Design Success Series

Adaptive Art: Kerry G. Johnson’s World of Graphic Design

Ever wondered how a creative chameleon shapes the world of graphic design? Join us in exploring Kerry G. Johnson's journey, where humor and artistry blend to redefine visual storytelling.

Meet Kerry G. Johnson: an artist who doesn’t just create; he transforms. Like a chameleon adapting its colors to the environment, Kerry’s graphic design and illustration work morphs with each project, embodying the spirit of creativity and versatility. From vibrant children’s  ...

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nonprofit economic literacy colorado
Business Case Study Nonprofit Success Series

Empowering Nonprofit Missions: Economic Literacy Colorado’s Success Story

Discover how print boosts nonprofit impact: A success story with Economic Literacy Colorado and PrintingCenterUSA.

What is the power of print in driving a nonprofit’s mission forward? In an era where digital platforms dominate the communication landscape, one might question the relevance of traditional printed materials. Yet, for nonprofit organizations like Economic Literacy Colorado, print isn’t  ...

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self publishing made easy tanerra willis
Business Case Study Self Publishing Success Series

Self-Publishing Made Simple: A Five-Time Author’s Success with PrintingCenterUSA

Thinking about self-publishing? Learn tips and strategy from this 5-time author's success story who is selling more books than ever!

Self-publishing can seem like a mountainous task. But for some, like Tanerra Willis, it’s a journey filled with accomplishments and milestones. Welcome to the success story of a 5-times self-published author and motivational speaker, and learn how she’s selling more books than ever  ...

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kid reading Bun Bun and Blanky children's book
Books Case Study Children's Books Self Publishing Success Series

Kayla Bohnhorst: A World from Fashion to Fiction

From fashion to 'Bun Bun and Blanky', discover Kayla Bohnhorst's children's book journey and her commitment to quality printing

For Kayla Bohnhorst, fashion was her passion and she made it her daily life. As a manufacturing supervisor, she worked hard to make sure she was surrounded with what she loved. However, life threw a curveball her way. In the fall of 2022, Kayla found herself distanced from the very world she  ...

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kevin smyth
Case Study Photography Success Series

Focus on Passion: Kevin Smyth’s Evolution from Corporate America to Photographic Mastery

Can Leaving Corporate Life Create a Path to Photographic Mastery? Explore Kevin Smyth’s photography, merging artistic precision with top-quality print

Can Leaving Corporate Life Create a Path to Photographic Mastery? Ever wanted to leave the corporate world behind and chase your dreams? The daily grind can often leave us yearning for more, dreaming about turning our passions into our professions. Kevin Smyth of Kevin Smyth Photography did  ...

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An artists dance with Lake Superior
Calendars Case Study Success Series

A Photographer’s Dance with Lake Superior

Christian Dalbec's Lake Superior photos inspire. Witness his journey and our role in his captivating calendar creations

Lake Superior holds a special place for Christian Dalbec. As a wave photographer, he dives into its vastness, capturing mesmerizing images- all with his favorite red helmet. But beyond the art, the lake marks Christian’s transformative journey from past struggles to newfound clarity. A  ...

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andy marquez
Case Study Photography Self Publishing Success Series

Transforming a World of Wonder into Timeless Books with Andy Marquez

Explore the journey of a talented artist who transformed his passion into visually stunning and affordable books, marking a milestone in his journey.

A Lifetime of Crafting Narratives through the Lens In the world of artistry, Andy Marquez stands as a luminary of relentless passion and innovation. His journey, marked by an insatiable curiosity, has led him across the globe to capture moments that are as fleeting as they are eternal. Through  ...

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Barry Butler Photography
Calendars Case Study Photography Success Series

Pixel-Perfect Calendars: From Shutter Click to Crafted Prints

Journey through the story of Barry Butler, capturing the heartbeat of Chicago and crafting pixel-perfect quality calendars.

In the luminous panorama of photography, Barry Butler emerges as a maestro of moments, capturing the pulsating heart of Chicago and the mystic charm of Ireland. His photographs don’t just freeze moments; they tell stories, evoke emotions, and transcend boundaries. Yet, what magnifies the  ...

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