Our Guide to Entertainment Program Printing

Event programs for entertainment events such as art exhibits, theatre, music, cinema, concerts and plays should contain information people attending need to know to keep your event running smoothly. Programs also help your attendees keep track on what’s happening during the event.

Program Photo Ideas

You and your fellow program developers can take current digital pictures, gather digital pictures and/or have fellow students, associates or crew gather pictures that will help enhance your program.

  • Individuals, groups, cast, crew, participants, directors, speakers, special guests, etc.
  • Photos from past events and activities, practices, gatherings, trips, etc.
  • Other events, places or things that relate to your event or organization.
  • Points of interest such as people or landmarks from your organization, community or events.

Program Pages to Include

The program pages you will need to include in your entertainment event program are as follows:


Whether it be a director’s note (like the example on the right) or a welcome page, you will want to welcome attendees to the event, give them any needed information about the event and wish them all the best and that hope they have a great time.

Thank You Page

Spotlight and provide thanks to participants, speakers, entertainment, special guests, and other worthy parties. Express thanks to anyone who provided promotional items, donated funds or did volunteer work for your event.


Have a page with information about your event, organization, milestones and mission. If you are asking for donations, add in the address or website where they can send their donations. You may also want to include a map of where your located or special notes about your gatherings and/or organization.


Showcase your participants and staff who have worked so hard to make this event happen. You can even include statements from each on why they love being part of your event or organization, as shown under “Who’s Who” in the example on the right.


Contact friends, clients, past performers and guests and ask them to write a short paragraph on your past events. This could be anything from how they felt while watching the event or why the participants liked working with the people behind the scenes.

Upcoming Events

Be sure to include a calendar or schedule with all your upcoming events so that people attending can know what to look forward to.

Items for Sale

If you are selling memorabilia, add in a page showing off what is available for purchase and where they can purchase the items.

Filler Pages

Programs are saddle-stitched booklets, meaning that page counts have to be divisible by 4 (8, 12, 16, 20 and so on). If you are short on pages, the following types of pages make great filler pages to help make your program have the right number of pages.

  • Information on similar upcoming events
  • Advertising pages
  • Notes page
  • Autograph page

How to Arrange the Page Count

The front cover starts at page 1. The inside front cover is page 2. The inside pages continue like the diagram below for pages 3, 4, 5 and 6. The inside back cover will be page 7 and the back cover will be Page 8, depending on the page count. So if we did an 8 page program, it would be like the 8 page sample shown below, which includes the cover. Covers can be printed on cover weight paper or you can use the same weight as the interior pages, which is called a self-cover.

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