Looking for That Perfect Sheet of Paper for Your Saddle Stitched Book or Booklet?

If you want a superior quality full color saddle-stitch booklet with photographs that stands out and looks rich and beautiful, you’ll love our 100# Gloss Text. This shiny and lustrous coated sheet is our highest quality premium paper and offers the most affordable pricing. It gives booklets a sharp and appealing look with a higher end feel.

If you are making a self cover booklet (the cover paper the same weight as the inside paper) this sheet has a thicker higher quality feel and is a better value.

If you would like a more durable heavier weight cover to give your booklet a little more thickness and heft we recommend using 80# gloss cover with 100# gloss text.

If your job requires high quality color reproduction with minimal paper gloss, matte cover cardstock and text is the way to go. They have the same characteristics as gloss but when there is a lot of typed copy matte paper is easier to read. It is superior to that of uncoated papers yet paper is glare free.

If weight becomes an issue for mailing purposes, we recommend 80# gloss or matte text for booklets over 24 pages.

We offer UV coating on cover weight paper to make photos and colors pop to catch your customer’s attention and protect against scratching and frequent handling. UV coating is not recommended when you need to write on the coated area or address area of a mailing piece after being coated.

Aqueous Coating is standard on all offset printing jobs (usually jobs requiring 1000 12 x 18 sheets). in gloss or satin matte finish. It can be written on with ballpoint pen. AQ coating can also be used when ink-jetting addresses for mailings. It is a water-based, environmentally friendly coating to protect printed pieces from moisture, scratching and finger prints.

If you would like to see and feel these different paper options for yourself, request one of our free sample packets. In each sample packet we include a Paper Sample Guide that has examples of all of the different papers that we offer.

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