Magazine Print Layout Tips

Magazine printing is a unique way to both establish a brand as an industry thought leader and also promote products and services. By combining informational and promotional content into one magazine publication, entrepreneurs can reach consumers in a fun and engaging way.

The most important element of a successful magazine is the cover, as it is the first thing potential readers will see and will determine whether or not they read the publication. When it comes to the cover, businesses should be sure to:

1. Use an image that will catch their audiences’ attention, such as a photograph of their top-selling item.

2. Personalize the cover with the individual’s name and information receiving the magazine using Digital Variable Data Printing.

3. Add UV coating to the cover for a high gloss effect.

4. Keep in mind that although the cover is the most important element, the layout of magazine pages is also vital.

  • By effectively combining images and text, entrepreneurs can create a publication that is easy to read and engaging.
  • Companies should also consider “negative space” – the areas left blank on pages.
  • Negative space can enhance the readability of a magazine, which in turn could lead to further reader engagement and sales.

Magazine Printing Examples

PrintingCenterUSA offers magazine publication printing examples & ideas, case studies, templates and more to help you better plan, inspire, design and layout your magazine.

When it comes to any type of advertising, customer engagement is key – consumers who are genuinely interested in promotional messages are more likely to make a purchase. This is why so many companies prefer to engage consumers with magazine printing.

Brands can use magazines to both entertain and inform prospective clients. Articles should be topical and provide value to readers, but companies can also incorporate their products and services into printed color magazines as well. For example, a firm that provides marketing services could create a printed magazine that shows how certain companies promote their products, while also making the reader aware that the sponsor offers these services.

PrintingCenterUSA offers brands a number of options for their magazine printing projects. We provide our clients with a number of cost-efficient solutions that enable them to create the perfect magazine for business.

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