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No Filters, Just Feelings: 27 Frames of Humanity

chris mccormack

Capturing Authentic Moments with Disposable Cameras

Meet Chris McCormack, a photographer who’s traveled the world, camera in hand. While he’s a master of the latest digital technology, his best kept secret is surprisingly simple: the disposable camera. For Chris, photography is not just about the perfect shot, it’s about connecting with people and capturing the essence of humanity.

In Chris’s hands, a disposable camera is more than just a tool—it’s a bridge between cultures, a catalyst for laughter, and a way to capture the unfiltered beauty of the human spirit. “When I pull out a disposable camera,” he explains, “people relax. They see it as a playful, non-threatening way to connect.”

Chris’s travels are as much about the people he meets as the places he sees. He believes that the most powerful photographs are the ones that tell a story, that capture a moment of genuine human connection. And often, it’s the simplicity of a disposable camera that allows him to forge those connections.

“It’s not just about the limitations of film,” he says“it’s about the way a simple camera can break down barriers and open hearts.”

chris mccormack photography

The Unexpected Tool of Connection

“Disposable cameras are conversation starters,” Chris explains. “They’re disarming, approachable. They invite people in.”

In the hands of Chris McCormack, a disposable camera becomes more than a tool for capturing images—it’s a key to unlocking shared experiences. Whether he’s wandering through a bustling market or finding solace in a quiet village, the disposable camera acts as a natural form of connection.

chris mccormack photography

Stories from the Heart: Capturing Memories on Film

Each click of the shutter immortalizes not just an image, but a memory, a connection, a story waiting to be told. The disposable camera’s imperfections—the unpredictable colors, the grainy texture—enhance the authenticity of these captured moments.

Chris’s travels have taught him that the most powerful photographs aren’t always the most technically perfect. They’re the ones that capture genuine emotion, fleeting moments of joy, and the shared humanity that transcends borders.

“When I approach someone with a big, fancy camera, they might get nervous or self-conscious,” he says. “But when I pull out a disposable, it’s like a universal icebreaker. It sparks curiosity, it invites laughter, it opens doors.”

The Next Adventure: Mongolia on Two Wheels

This August, Chris McCormack embarks on a daring new journey: a month-long motorcycle expedition through Mongolia’s vast landscapes. Though a novice rider, he’s eager for the challenge and the opportunity to connect with the nomadic people who call this rugged land home.

His disposable camera will be his trusty companion, capturing the raw beauty of the Mongolian steppe and the genuine smiles of its people. The journey continues to Japan and South Korea, documenting bustling city life and ancient traditions alike.

Stay tuned for an in-depth article about Chris’s upcoming adventure—you won’t want to miss it!

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More Than Just a Photographer

Chris McCormack is not only a world-class photographer, but also a captivating speaker who shares his adventures and insights with audiences worldwide. He’s also a passionate tour guide, leading groups on immersive journeys to Guatemala, where he helps others discover the magic of travel and photography. Learn more here.

He’ll be sharing his experiences and expertise at the Overland Expo East this October, inspiring fellow adventurers with tales of motorcycle journeys, photography tips, and the power of human connection.

The Next Chapter: His First Photo Book

Chris has always been a storyteller, weaving narratives through his stunning calendar creations. But he’s never ventured into the realm of photo books – until now.

“I guess I always wanted my first photo book to be perfect,” he admits. “The best of the best, capturing the essence of my adventures and the connections I’ve made along the way.”

His upcoming adventure to Mongolia, Japan, and South Korea will provide the perfect material for this dream project. Chris will be collaborating with PrintingCenterUSA to create a truly remarkable photo book, weaving together images and memories into a cohesive narrative.

I’ll be personally working with Chris to help him create his first ever and perfect photo book, and I’m just as excited! – Jessica

Stay tuned for updates on Chris’s travels and the progress of his photo book. We can’t wait to see the stunning images and compelling stories that emerge from this exciting new collaboration!

“I’m excited to see how my photos can be transformed into a tangible, immersive experience,” Chris shares. “A photo book is a different kind of storytelling, a way to weave together images and memories into a cohesive narrative.”

This collaboration marks a new chapter in Chris’s artistic journey. It’s a testament to his growth as a photographer and his unwavering commitment to sharing his unique perspective with the world.


PrintingCenterUSA: A Partner in Bringing Stories to Life

Chris has partnered with PrintingCenterUSA to create several stunning calendars showcasing his work. He trusts PrintingCenterUSA to deliver high-quality prints that truly capture the essence of his film photographs.

Want to see the world through Chris’s lens? Follow his journey on Instagram. And if you’re inspired to capture your own adventures on film, PrintingCenterUSA is here to help you transform your memories into beautiful prints and photo books.

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