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Peaceful Moon Photography Calendar is a Success!

When Nancy and Jim received their photography calendars this year, Nancy had tears of joy in her eyes. She works on the calendar design throughout the year, gathering images and quotes that really stand out to her. She sells the calendars and many of her customers cut out the pictures

Taler Hill
Taler Hill

Hazelton Photography Case Study

Caitlin Hazelton is the owner of Hazelton Photography and she specializes in wedding photography. After photographing over 300 weddings I would say that she is an expert! One sales tool that she routinely uses is a booklet because it contains the answers to frequently asked questions, examples of her work,

Emily Hendrickson
Emily Hendrickson
Ideas & Examples

Bishop Sports Photography Booklet Case Study

Specializing in children’s sports photography and operating in five states, Bishop Photo uses a booklet printing to help increase their sales. The interesting thing about this booklet is that it doesn’t talk about main service they offer – children’s sports photography. The booklet lists

Emily Hendrickson
Emily Hendrickson