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Love, Loss, and Liberation: A Tapestry of Poetry from Sockeye Publishing

Sometimes, the most powerful stories are born from heartbreak. Sockeye Publishing brings you “Poems for Ex Lovers: An Anthology” transforming the pain of lost love into a collective work of healing and artistic liberation. This heartfelt anthology is a testament to the power of the printed word.

PrintingCenterUSA is dedicated to partnering with artists, authors, and poets from around the globe to bring their creative visions to life. We’re thrilled to introduce and showcase Sockeye Publishing’s exceptional work with their moving collective.

Now, let’s unfold the story and spark up the conversation.

About Sockeye Publishing

Sockeye Publishing isn’t your average publishing house. They’re a community-driven force, passionate about amplifying the voices of independent artists and writers. Their website, Sockeye Publishing:, offers a glimpse into their collaborative spirit. “Sockeye Publishing partners with artists and writers to create unique, eye-catching books from collective to individual works. My primary services are editing, formatting, outreach, and marketing.” – Emma, Sockeye Publishing

Beyond the technical aspects, Sockeye Publishing fosters a sense of community. Their collaborative projects, like the “Poems for Ex Lovers: An Anthology,” bring together diverse voices and perspectives. This focus on connection is evident throughout their website, where they celebrate the artists they work with.

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The Project: A Symphony of Independent Expression

“Poems for Ex Lovers” is a captivating collection featuring 48 poems from a diverse range of contributors. Each poem is a unique piece of art, exploring themes of love, loss, and the power of breaking free from negative cycles. Divided into five chapters based on the Wheel of the Year (Litha, Mabon, Samhain, Yule, and Ostara), the anthology is a journey through self-discovery and emotional transformation.

We asked Emma with Sockeye Publishing if there was a memorable moment or a breakthrough in the making of this project they wanted to share with us. Emma said, “I broke a negative pattern I was in while creating this book – I ended things with my business partner who time and time again showed me poor communication, financial theft, and inventory mismanagement. Leaving that relationship was scary, but I found out I could do this book project myself.”

Sockeye Publishing is very active in the local community and has coordinated newspaper articles, radio air segments and even planned events like a poetry slam for the book launch to ignite it’s success. “My success is dependent on the communities I live in – I am a firm believer that when you invest in your community, your community invests back.” – Emma, Sockeye Publishing

Bringing This Collective to Life

Sockeye Publishing’s collaboration with PrintingCenterUSA is a shining example of the power of teamwork within the creative community. This project highlights the importance of supporting independent artists and businesses, while also showcasing the impact that high-quality printing can have on literary works.

Let’s collaborate! PrintingCenterUSA is passionate about partnering with creatives to bring their work into the world. Whether you have a solo passion project or a collective vision, we’re here to help you transform it into a stunning printed piece. Contact us to get started today.

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