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Redefining Luxury: The NeckJuice Story

Have you ever wondered what it takes to not just change the game in high fashion, but to rewrite its rules? Can the artistry behind a single accessory redefine our understanding of luxury? This is the story of NeckJuice, where the humble bowtie transformed into the emblem of a fashion revolution.

Luxury manifests in various forms – from the exquisite design of a bow tie to the striking visual appeal of a meticulously crafted book. At the center of this world is Josiah Gee, the creative genius and visionary behind NeckJuice by J_geee. His journey began in 2017, transforming the conventional bow tie into an emblem of unbridled creativity and elegance. NeckJuice, synonymous with bespoke, hand-crafted fashion accessories, has carved a niche in the luxury fashion market. This story uncovers how Josiah’s flair for design, combined with high-quality printed products, creates a tangible allure that captivates and demands attention. Embracing innovation and meticulous craftsmanship, Josiah’s work with NeckJuice exemplifies how luxury is not just a product but an experience – from the tactile sensation of a premium bow tie to the visual feast of a professionally printed book.

Now, let’s spark up the conversation.

NeckJuice Luxury Book

The Genesis of NeckJuice

Josiah Gee’s foray into luxury fashion began under the mentorship of a local designer, setting the stage for NeckJuice’s inception. His creative spark ignited at a Stilettos & Bowties event, leading to the birth of NeckJuice. His brand caters to those who cherish luxury and uniqueness, especially millennials gearing up for their wedding day. “In 2017, I attended one of my employers event parties that summer, which had a contest for best bowtie and best stiletto.” Josiah adds, “Thinking of ways to stand out from the rest, I took a bunch of old jewelry I owned and embellished a store bought bowtie. Needless to say, it was a big hit at the event and my employer suggested I consider designing bowties. The rest is history…”

Transitioning from the birth of NeckJuice, let’s look into the distinct style that sets this brand apart.

Brand Distinction: The Style Signature of NeckJuice

NeckJuice distinguishes itself through its unparalleled approach to luxury design, offering a tailored experience unlike any other. Josiah Gee’s creations transcend typical accessory boundaries, embodying a fusion of personal style and opulent luxury. Each piece is a testament to individual expression, crafted not just to adorn but to make a statement. This dedication to bespoke design elevates NeckJuice beyond a mere brand to a symbol of fashion-forward thinking, where every accessory is a piece of wearable art, reflecting the wearer’s distinct personality and elegance.

This isn’t just about selling bowties; it’s about offering an emblem of their personal journey. NeckJuice speaks to those who cherish uniqueness and quality in their fashion choices. “Our brand offers an aesthetic never before created that offers a tailored experience unlike your general “personalized” options available on the market today.” Having explored the unique style of NeckJuice, let’s now hear directly from those who’ve experienced the brand first-hand.

NeckJuice Catalog

Customer Impressions

The luxury and creativity of NeckJuice are vividly echoed in its customers’ glowing feedback. Known for its unparalleled quality and style, each piece resonates with clients who seek to make a statement with their fashion choices. This section showcases their voices, revealing how NeckJuice’s dedication to luxury and personal style makes a profound impact. From enhancing personal aesthetics to providing solutions for unique style needs, these testimonials offer a glimpse into the transformative experience NeckJuice delivers.

“I highly recommend NeckJuice by J_geee. His designs are absolutely beautiful. I own several beautiful pieces. They are elegant, classy and very unique. Ordering from NeckJuice is awesome because they are always helpful and very professional. I am always pleased with the service and will definietly continue to be a returning customer!” -ANGEL MOSBY-JOHNSON

“NeckJuice has leveled up my accessory game 100 fold! The custom made pieces are extremely well made and are always a conversation starter. If I want to turn heads, #NeckJuice is my first choice!” -CHANEL BUTLER

Understanding the customer’s perspective leads us to the heart of NeckJuice’s success: Josiah’s creative process and strategy.

Creative Process & Project Strategy

Josiah’s journey to luxury fashion success is rooted in a consistently positive mindset. His approach to design and marketing is methodical and inspired, always aiming to add value to his customers’ lives. “I always love to create a good mood board before starting any design project. It helps keep the style and aesthetic consistent throughout through entire process. I need to gain inspiration before executing my projects and having the self awareness to know if it doesn’t come together the first time, not to be afraid or irritated if you need to start over.”

Inside the Pages: NeckJuice Collection Catalog

What specific goals did you set when you planned your collection catalog design? “I had set a goal from the very beginning, prior to starting my project, that I would not settle for a sub-par sales kit. That meant designing all materials I would include in the sales kit; Presentation folders, catalog, packaging, etc.” 

“I knew I would end up making revisions to the catalog, even after having it proofed and sent to print the first time. I ended up sending 2 additional formats to print and third time was a charm! I was lucky to have someone from PrintingCenterUSA assist during that process.”  

What actions contributed most to your success, and what lessons did you learn in the process? What did you do right, and what did you do wrong? “It is important for me to create A Consistent Positive Mindset because every action begins with a thought. This then leads into believing  Yourself And Your Abilities. Stay consistent and keep showing up for yourself every day — even on hard days. These actions have helped me to accomplish many things during my career, even when matters appeared to be out of reach. Persistence and determination is the key. Determination is focus on the purpose. Persistence is the continuation of action around that purpose. Both are required for success.” 

When asked about his marketing efforts and materials he uses, Josiah shares, “We use a combination of Marketing materials including catalogs, thank you cards, referral cards, loyalty cards, presentation folders, brand logo stickers, gift bags, labels, business cards, pricing guides and order forms.”  We asked Josiah, “How have the printed products added value or contributed to the growth of your business?” Josiah share, “They have helped us stand out from the competition, increase customer loyalty, and create a positive impression of our company.”

When asked if there was a memorable moment or a creative breakthrough on a project he would like to share, Josiah shares, “A memorable moment for me was receiving the final product in the mail. Physically holding my catalog and skimming through its content was a great feeling! On a computer screen, colors and images are never the same as in real life and seeing how vivid and vibrant the catalog turned out was just the icing on the cake.” The creative vision behind NeckJuice is further brought to life through its partnership with PrintingCenterUSA.


Luxury Printing: a Pillar in Branding

Choosing PrintingCenterUSA for their clarity, customer service, and quality, Josiah found a printing partner that matched his commitment to excellence. This partnership has not only provided him with superior printed materials but also an enhanced customer experience. “From our products, down to our packaging, customers enjoy and appreciate the extra mile we take to ensure our final presentation is exquisitely executed.”

When asked what set our services apart for luxury printing, Josiah shares, “The factors setting your services apart is the detailed website and both online and offline integration. It made the process less of a headache, which is greatly appreciated.”

“I chose PrintingCenterUSA for my Printing needs because immediately upon visiting the company website, I gained clarity of the process right away. All of my questions were simply answered just by the way the site is set up. The fact that I could get an instant quote and a quick review of my files helped me to correct image resolution issues before sending to print.”

We asked how PrintingCenterUSA has added value beyond just printing his materials, Josiah shares, “PrintingCentersUSA really set the standard when it comes to the customer experience. In a time when customer service is on steady decline everywhere, from help desks no longer being helpful to customer service being automated instead of with a live person, your company has reminded me that not every company has lost what the meaning of the customer experience should be.”

“If Anyone is looking for a seamless process from start to finish, a personalized customer service experience that offers online and offline integration, and cost efficiently that does not compromise quality, then PrintingCenterUSA has set the bar when it comes to printing services. I would not recommend any other Company more than I do PrintingCenterUSA.”

Envisioning the Future

“I know I will be returning to PrintingCenterUSA in the future and I will be utilizing the other printing options you offer.”

The dream business scenario for NeckJuice would be seeing one of my designs being worn at the annual MET Gala in New York City. The MET Gala is an annual fundraising event held for the benefit of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute in New York City and is known for its attendees wearing extravagant fashions.

The Wrap

Josiah Gee’s story with NeckJuice by J_geee is a testament to the power of creativity, quality, and determination. From the allure of a unique bow tie to the impact of a well-printed catalog, this collaboration between a visionary designer and a top-tier printing service showcases the true essence of luxury.

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