Program Fundraising, Advertising Ideas & Sales Tips

Program Fundraising

A huge way programs make money for non-profit organizations, schools and businesses is the advertising. Program advertising can be sold to businesses and families, which can help to cover the cost of the program and add a nice profit to your bottom line! Not only are you creating a program that is beneficial, you become a prime source of ad space that sponsors are going to want to take advantage of.

Lower Your Costs with Sponsorships

  • program ads business adMany organizations have had great success in obtaining sponsors to support the cost of printing their event programs before they go to press and adding extra profits from the sales of the programs.
  • Companies are often happy to buy exposure in programs, especially if it’s presented to the viewer as “company X is proud to sponsor the Y team/college/event” etc.
  • Business owners who are alumni often like to sponsor their alma mater, especially if the exposure makes sense as advertising as well.

Possible School or Non-Profit Sponsors

Local Businesses: Large Corporations:
  • Local hangouts
  • Credit unions
  • Auto shops
  • Insurance agencies
  • Pet supply retailers
  • Coffee shops
  • Convenience stores
  • Doctors
  • Fitness centers
  • Grocery stores
  • Photography studios
  • Realtors
  • Restaurants
  • Anywhere students, parents, members, contacts and supporters frequent and shop.
  • Cell phone companies
  • Fast food franchises
  • Large soft drink companies
  • Pet supply stores
  • National insurance companies
  • Banks
  • Sporting goods stores
  • Use your imagination. What businesses would benefit from the exposure in your program?


  • Relatives, friends, colleges, customers, members, contacts and supporters of your school or non-profit organization.

How to Sell Ad Space in Event Program Printing

  • personal adThe key is to show that advertising in your event program will benefit all parties involved and that it’s a great way to advertise their business.
  • Know your estimated distribution.
  • Make sure the sponsor sees how they can benefit from the partnership and convince them that by buying advertising space in your program they’re making a smart marketing decision for their company.
  • Gain additional exposure to a large, lucrative markets (parents, students, relatives, friends, colleagues, customers, members, contacts, and supporters of your school or non-profit organization)
  • The business gets relatively inexpensive advertisement space compared to advertising in a newspaper.
  • It can also get some positive publicity by supporting your school or non-profit organization and the community

Who Should Sell the Advertising?

The students (teams, clubs, band members, cheerleaders, etc.) or members of your non-profit organization or business are your most powerful selling tool. They are what it is all about and proof that the money from the ad sales is going to a good cause. They can pre-sell the program advertising to sponsors thus ensuring an extra profit from the sale of the programs.

Don’t procrastinate. Take time to teach your students or members of your non-profit organization how to sell an ad and make sure they know:

  • What school or non-profit organization are they supporting?
  • What will the money will be used for?
  • When does the event program begin and end?
  • The size of ads and what they cost.
  • Where the ad will be placed.
  • And above all spread the enthusiasm to your sponsors, students, parents, families, friends, relatives, colleges, customers, members, contacts and supporters of your school or non-profit organization.

Ways to Increase Revenue

  • ad sizesAsk local businesses for help with funds in return for free product placement within the program.
  • Different size ads can be sold to sponsors (full page, half page, quarter page, business card size, eight up on the individual page).
  • Advertisers could put coupons and specials on their ads to entice them to buy their products or services.
  • Players can be sponsored by family, friends, businesses, members, etc.  Pictures ads of the student or members are purchased by the families and friends to show support and express best wishes for the student or member and gather support and enthusiasm from the community for your team, school or organization.
  • Sponsors page (list of businesses).
  • Keep a record of past sponsors to contact for next year’s program.
  • Nothing will beat taking the time to call your local businesses personally.
  • Programs are sold at the game or event to make a profit.

Now that we’ve shown you how program advertising can make money for non-profit organizations, schools and businesses, take these tips and apply them to your own event program. Not only are you creating a program that is beneficial, you become a prime source of ad space for local businesses and sponsors. To get started today, give us a call at 800-995-1555 or click the button below to order online!

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