School Printing Projects You Should Consider

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From Yearbooks to Fundraising Calendars, PrintingCenterUSA has the prices, quality, and tools for your school printing project.

School Fundraising Calendars

If your school or club needs to fundraise, Calendars are an excellent option. Especially since at PrintingCenterUSA, we make designing your fundraising Calendars a breeze. Utilize our free online design tool with customizable grids or download our free fundraising calendar templates for your favorite design program. If you’re stumped on what to put in your calendar, here are a few themes and ideas to get you started:

  • Get the kids involved! Nothing pulls at the heart strings more than a hand-drawn illustration from a kid, so Calendars full of 12 months worth of children’s art will surely help you reach your fundraising goal. Sell your calendars for $15 a piece to return a substantial profit!
  • Collage! Assign each classroom a month for them to collage the best class photos as a group. This is a great way to spread the design work around and creates the opportunity for everyone to participate. With our online design tool, making a collage is an easy game of drag-and-drop.
  • Photo Shoot! Turn the making of the calendar into a fun game of dress-up. Holiday-themed photos will give the kids something to look forward to. A full-page image
    taken with a decent camera will surely earn a designated
    space in every parent’s office.
  • Event Calendars! Create a calendar with all of the biggest events of the school year: Sports games, school plays, Parent Teacher Conferences, Bake sales, etc. This will promote parents and family members becoming more involved with school events. It’s a lot easier for the parents to miss an emailed event schedule than a calendar they will inevitably see every day.

School Yearbooks

Every kid looks forward to the day they receive their Yearbook, because they get to spend the afternoon flipping through cherished memories and collecting signatures. But putting together a yearbook, especially without a designated Yearbook Club to spread the load, can be pretty daunting. PrintingCenterUSA provides free downloadable templates for school yearbooks so you don’t have to rack your brain on page layouts. One thing that everybody designing a yearbook must carefully consider, however, is the cover. Here are some tips for your Yearbook Cover design:

  • Color! Make sure to incorporate your school colors and/or vibrant images.
  • School Branding. You want to instill a sense of school pride in your students. The easiest way to do this is to include your school’s logo and designated fonts if they have them.
  • Include the kids. Use high-quality group photos as well as individual shots to create a sense of inclusivity.
  • Soft Cover. Hard Cover yearbooks get extremely expensive. For your Kindergarten-8th grade yearbooks, consider printing a perfect bound soft cover book. This will provide more flexibility (literally) with your design choices. Add a UV Gloss coating to protect it from scratches and sticky fingers as well.

Memory PhotoBooks

If you’re looking to make a book for a smaller group—maybe for just one class, a particular event, or for a small preschool group, then a memory photobook may be your best bet. Choose from saddle-stitched, perfect bound, spiral or wire-o binding options. Utilize our online designer to drag-and-drop your photos and add text to make a memory book that will be cost effective and truly unique.

Event Flyers

With each new school year comes a never-ending list of events that must be advertised for. Get the school year started off right with promoting all of this year’s biggest events. Bake sales, club meetings, pep rallies, and so much more. What better place to post your flyers than around your school? Eye-catching designs with vivid colors will ensure attendance to your event.

Have the students or faculty help come up with the designs to get everyone involved. Have the art class make the flyers for the Art Fair. Have the sports team submit their favorite team shots for the pep rallies.

Whatever your school printing needs, PrintingCenterUSA has you taken care of. And did you know that we have Educational Sponsorships available? If you are an educational institution who wants to receive more information regarding our sponsorship program? Click the button below to apply! 

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