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The Best Real Estate Print Marketing Materials

Why is Marketing Important in Real Estate?

In any highly competitive industry, like Real Estate, it’s extremely important to have a rock-solid marketing strategy so that you can be at the top of your target audience’s minds. Print marketing materials can create excellent first impressions, serve as a reminder of the benefits you bring, and can ultimately bring in high quality leads. PrintingCenterUSA offers plenty of high-quality print products with vivid colors that will be sure to make your business stand out! Not only that, but the demographic that is currently in the market for real estate, Millennials, loves engaging with print advertisements. According to a study byCustomer Focus and Quad/Graphics, 77% of Millennials reported that they pay attention to direct mail, 73% to retail inserts, 54% to catalogs, and 51% to magazines. Not only that, but print marketing is highly effective in curating new leads. “39% of customer first try a business because of print marketing” according toSpringboard Marketing co. It’s easy to see how this shows the tremendous potential that print marketing has in improving your marketing efforts.

What is the best way to market yourself as a real estate agent? Before we get into the specific materials that you need, let’s break it down by the print products that have that “WOW” factor and Real Estate Essentials. In the first category, you will find higher-quality products that are, yes, more expensive, but also leave a much better and longer lasting impression in your customers’ minds. The Real Estate Essentials are comprised of print materials that you really cannot afford to skimp on. These are generally cheaper than the “WOW” products, but also a lot more easily disposable. Now, without further ado, let’s get into it!

Real Estate Print Products That Will “WOW” Your Clients

Examples of Real Estate Books and Booklets

Set your real estate company apart from the competition by having a high-quality saddle-stitch or perfect bound book showcasing your listings. You can create beautiful photobooks to put your properties in the best light possible, catalog booklets to show all of your listings, or a buyer’s packet. There are limitless possibilities on the information that you can give to your customers through books and booklets.

Now that the digital world has been oversaturated with ads, customers are turning back to print media for a quieter and uninterrupted experience. In fact, according to a study by HubSpot, 81% of people surveyed have closed a browser or exited a page because of a pop-up ad and 70% of users report not liking mobile ads. This cannot happen with print advertising. A book can give customers the peace and serenity needed to learn more about your company without the distractions that a digital experience has.

“Despite the enormous migration to electronic media, neuroscience research shows that paper-based content and ads offer special advantages in connecting with our brains.” -Roger Dooley, Forbes

When printing your real estate book with PrintingCenterUSA, you are sure to get a high-quality product with vivid home photos. You can choose a variety of cover and coating options that will add lifetime value to each booklet. These options include 100# gloss or matte text and 80# or 100# gloss or matte cover paper. This cover paper can be UV coated to give a more luxurious appearance and make your book more durable in the outdoors (which is invaluable in the real estate industry).

Types of Paper and Finishes

Additionally, PrintingCenterUSA now offers soft touch lamination. This is a lamination technique that adds a velvety-smooth finish to the cover of your product. Soft touch laminate adds durability and a unique feel that will capture the attention of your customers. This coating works best on heavier paper stock, such as C1S, 80# and 100# Cover. Your end product will have a velvet feel and matte finish. Order a FREE sample packet to feel for yourself!

I Want A FREE Sample Packet!

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Types of Real Estate Books & Booklets:

  • Home Selling Guide
  • Marketing Plan
  • Welcome Booklet
  • Sellers Packet
  • Listing Portfolios
  • Market Activity Booklet
  • Seller Resource Guide
  • Real Estate Seasons Booklet
  • Marketing Examples
  • Listing Strategy
  • Open House Schedules
  • Real Estate Photography Books
  • Preparing Your Home for Sale Book
  • And Much More!
Real Estate Newsletters

If you’re looking for a highly effective way to stay connected with your clients and promote your events, open houses, and property listings, look no further than real estate newsletters. You can have these available in your office or periodically send these to prospective clients. After all, according toSmall Business Trends, 80-90 percent of direct mail gets opened. This is very impressive compared to the only 20 – 30 percent of email that gets opened. Newsletters that are directly sent to your clients can serve as an excellent reminder of the benefits that you can provide for them. By creating a regular newsletter, you can also reinforce your company’s credibility and remain continually fresh in your customers’ minds.

“Given the overall decrease in postal mail, a print newsletter can stand out to the recipient, unlike an online newsletter that can get lost in an already too full inbox.” – Nicolette Beard, TopRank Marketing

When creating your newsletter with PrintingCenterUSA, you are given a variety of options so that you can ensure that your newsletter is the best for your company. You can choose the perfect size, as small as 3.5 x 8.5, or as large as 11 x 25.5. We have 6 standard newsletter sizes available for you to choose from. Take the hassle out of printing and mailing your monthly newsletter. We print quality color newsletters at affordable prices for businesses, organizations and educational institutions nationwide. Add mailing services and we’ll save you even more time and money.

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Real Estate Flyers and Brochures

Sometimes you are looking for a marketing resource that has a little more space than a traditional postcard. That’s where flyers and brochures come in. One of the best features of brochures are the multiple variations of folds and sizes that can break up information for your customers in an easily-digestible format. Just take a look at the options that PrintingCenterUSA offers:

Brochure Folding and Size Options with PrintingCenterUSA

Flyers and brochures are great resources that clients and customers can take with them to continue to reference if they have any questions about your brand. Additionally, studies have shown that these methods work better for products and services with longer consideration times (like houses).

“With brochures, you can distribute your data in a portable format that’s easy to read. Many are available in a sturdier stock, making brochures more durable than a flyer or pamphlet.” Vlaimir Gendelman, Forbes

Creating a flyer or brochure with PrintingCenterUSA has never been easier. We offer a FREE online design tool so that you can create a professional brochure in minutes. If you would prefer to use your own design software, we also offer plenty of brochure templates that are available for you! You get to choose from gloss, matte, or uncoated paper. Gloss is best for lots of photos, matte is best for lots of text, and uncoated paper is easy to write on. Get the word out fast about your newest listing. Every home on the market needs a brochure as a takeaway and you can make them with PrintingCenterUSA!

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Real Estate Guides

A Real Estate guide can be used to list multiple properties on many pages so that you can give your customers crucial information about the variety of homes that you offer. Additionally, Real Estate Guides can be used to educate your customers on how to sell their home quickly and easily with your company. Guides can be a great way to mix land and home sales on separate pages displaying the features of each property your real estate team might be listing. Throughout the real estate guide, you’re able to represent your company’s realtors and brokers side by side the houses they’re selling. This allows you to save a considerable amount of money for your other marketing efforts.

“This has become the primary utility of print media for the real estate agencies of today: creating name recognition and visibility for our companies and our agents.” Frederick Peters, Forbes

Saddle Stitch Book Printing: Learn More

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Types of Real Estate Guides:

  • Home Photography Guide
  • Home Buyer Guide
  • Guide to Marketing Your Home
  • Seller Resource Guide
  • Beginners Guide to Real Estate Investing
  • Guide to Real Estate Finance
  • Guide to Selling Your Home
  • And Much More!

Real Estate Essentials

Real Estate Postcards

Postcards are a cost effective and easy way to reach your target audience directly in their mailbox. With the variety of sizing options that are available from PrintingCenterUSA, you will be able to sell properties, present open houses, and more! You can even coat your postcards in a UV coat to make them more durable and luxurious. Your homes will look fantastic with PrintingCenterUSA’s vibrant colors!

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Real Estate Greeting Cards

What’s one way to build your brand and make clients more willing to trust and refer you? Greeting cards of course! Custom printed greeting cards are a subtle way to build a relationship with a client and make your prospect feel like they genuinely care. You can send greeting cards for birthdays, anniversaries, or other special occasions.

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Real Estate Business Identity: Business Cards, Letterhead, Envelopes, and Presentation Folders

Items like notepads, letterheads & custom envelopes, business cards, staggered inserts, and presentation folders are essential for strengthening your brand in every aspect of communicating with your customers. Although these items are generally more disposable than the items above, they are very important for keeping your brand at the top of your customers’ minds whenever you are in contact with them.

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Real Estate Door Hangers

Knocking on people’s doors and speaking with homeowners directly is one of the most traditional way of promoting your real estate business. But if no one is home you can leave your information on their front door with full color door hangers.

Instant Door Hangers Price: Learn More

If you are in the real estate business, you know the importance of good marketing. Having high quality print products is incredibly important to stand out from the competition. Be sure to utilize PrintingCenterUSA’s online design tools, templates, and more to create the best print products for your company!

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