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The Best Real Estate Print Marketing Materials

Do you want to be the realtor clients remember in a crowded market? Strategic real estate print marketing can make you the standout agent. At PrintingCenterUSA, we craft high-quality print solutions that emphasis the key parts of your business. Let us help you unlock the power of print to attract ideal clients and achieve your real estate goals!

What’s the best way to market yourself as a real estate agent? Your print materials are key! Think of them in two categories, “WOW” factor products and real estate basic essentials. “WOW” factor products are high-quality, leaving a lasting impression but cost a bit more. Real estate basic essentials are must-haves for every agent and won’t break the bank. Let’s get into the details!

Real Estate Print Marketing Products That Will “WOW” Your Clients

real estate book

Give your real estate company a touch of exclusivity with high-quality saddle-stitch or perfect bound books to showcase your listings. Create captivating photobooks, comprehensive catalogs, or informative buyer’s packets, offering your clients a personalized experience that will set you apart. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the variety of information you can share with your customers through books and booklets.

With PrintingCenterUSA, your real estate book will showcase vivid home photos on high-quality paper. Customize your project with a range of cover finishes like gloss or matte then choose between durable 80# or 100# stock. UV coating will elevate the look and protect your book from the elements, essential for any realtor.

Elevate your real estate print marketing books with soft touch lamination. This unique finish adds a velvety-smooth texture to your cover, creating a luxurious and memorable tactile experience. Soft touch lamination also enhances durability and is ideal for heavier paper stocks like C1S, 80#, and 100# Cover. Experience the difference yourself by ordering a FREE sample packet today!

paper weights

Types of Real Estate Books & Booklets:

  • Home Selling Guide
  • Marketing Plan
  • Welcome Booklet
  • Sellers Packet
  • Listing Portfolios
  • Market Activity Booklet
  • Seller Resource Guide
  • Real Estate Seasons Booklet
  • Marketing Examples
  • Listing Strategy
  • Open House Schedules
  • Real Estate Photography Books
  • Preparing Your Home for Sale Book
  • And Much More!

Want to actually reach your clients and promote your listings effectively? Real estate newsletters are the way to go! Whether it’s in your office or in your clients’ mailboxes, they are a friendly reminder of all the awesome ways you can help them find their dream home. A regular newsletter keeps your name top of mind for when they are ready!

real estate newsletter

With PrintingCenterUSA, creating your newsletter is easy. You get lots of options to make sure it just what you anticipated and aligns with the ideologies of your company. Out of the 6 standard sizes we offer, choose a compact 3.5 x 8.5″ size for pocket-friendly convenience or make a statement with a bold 11 x 25.5″ format that demands attention, just like your featured properties.

Take the hassle out of printing and mailing your monthly newsletter. We print quality color newsletters at affordable prices for businesses, organizations and educational institutions nationwide. Experience high-quality printing and save even more time and money by adding mailing services. Why waste time mailing your newsletter when we can do it for you?

real estate brochure

Need more marketing space than a postcard? Flyers and brochures are your answer! Flyers and brochures are powerful real estate print marketing tools that don’t just get noticed, they stick around! Clients can easily reference them later, keeping your business subtly ingrained in their environment and firmly at the forefront of their thoughts during that vital decision-making period for high-consideration purchases like houses.

Choose from various folds and sizes to present information in a way that’s both eye-catching and easy for your clients to absorb. Just take a look at the options that we offer:

types of brochure folds

Crafting a stunning flyer or brochure has never been simpler with PrintingCenterUSA! We offer a user-friendly, FREE online design tool that lets you create professional marketing materials in minutes. No design experience? No problem!

But if you’re an Adobe whiz, we’ve got you covered too! We offer a variety of brochure templates specifically designed for Adobe products. Simply download your preferred template, customize it with your brand elements and property details, and you’re ready to print!


Choose the finish that suits your style! Glossy for vibrant visuals and images, matte for a sophisticated look, or uncoated for easy notetaking by potential buyers. This is one of the quickest ways to get your newest listing into the hands of potential buyers.

Help your clients make informed decisions with real estate print marketing through high-quality flyers and brochures.

Is your current real estate print marketing strategy giving your listings the attention they deserve? A real estate guide lets you present multiple properties in depth, giving buyers the crucial information they need to make a confident informed decision. Real estate guides can include any necessary information relevant to your client’s situation. Whether they are buying or selling, you will be prepared with the perfect guide ready to walk them through each step.

Guides can be a great way to mix land and home sales on separate pages displaying the features of each property your real estate team might be listing. Throughout the real estate guide, you’re able to represent your company’s realtors and brokers side by side the houses they’re selling. This allows you to save a considerable amount of money for your other marketing efforts.

Types of Real Estate Guides:

  • Home Photography Guide
  • Home Buyer Guide
  • Guide to Marketing Your Home
  • Seller Resource Guide
  • Beginners Guide to Real Estate Investing
  • Guide to Real Estate Finance
  • Guide to Selling Your Home
  • And Much More!

Real Estate Basic Essentials

real estate post cards

Postcards deliver a targeted message directly to your ideal clients. Reach your ideal clients right where they live, their mailbox. PrintingCenterUSA offers vibrant colors and a range of sizes for eye-catching postcards that promote listings, announce open houses, and showcase your expertise. You can even coat your postcards in a UV coat to make them more durable and luxurious.

Don’t underestimate the power of a simple gesture! In the world of real estate, building trust and earning referrals is the key to success. Personalized greeting cards are a thoughtful, memorable way to strengthen client relationships and subtly remind them of your outstanding service. Whether it’s a birthday, homeownership anniversary, or another special milestone, a custom-printed card shows you care and plants a seed for future referrals.

real estate greeting cards

real estate print essentials

While less flashy than big-ticket marketing materials, everyday items like notepads, letterheads, custom envelopes, business cards, and presentation folders play a vital role in establishing a consistent brand experience. These essentials reinforce your professional image with every customer interaction, keeping your brand top-of-mind and subtly building long-term recognition.

door hanger real estate

While door-knocking offers direct contact, sometimes schedules don’t align. Make sure those missed connections still count! Full-color door hangers leave a lasting reminder of your real estate expertise and availability.


If you are in the real estate business, you know the importance of good marketing. Having high quality print products is incredibly important to stand out from the competition. Be sure to utilize PrintingCenterUSA’s online design tool, templates, and more to create the best print products for your company!

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