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Why You Need To Start Using Brochures

Taler Hill
Taler Hill


Full color brochure printing can enhance your marketing efforts and allows you to place informative pieces directly into people’s hands. Our printing company offers a variety of brochure folds including half fold, gate fold, z-fold and our most popular, tri-fold. Using vibrant colors to illustrate images along with captivating content in your brochure printing allows you to pass valuable information on to customers and interested parties. Read on for three things we think you need to know for brochure success!

Brochure Examples

1. Know Where To Advertise


Display your custom brochures at a reception desk, kiosk, or advertise in hotel lobbies. Wherever your customers frequent be sure to attract their attention with a full color printed brochure. Brochure placement helps transfer information from you to your client. We offer amazing brochure printing services that ensure you will be a hit at your next trade show, networking event, or convention.

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2. Know Your Audience


Display your brochures in restaurants and display racks or hand them out in your store. Discount brochure printing is a great way to send a direct mail piece or a monthly newsletter. Commercial color brochure printing is great for fact sheets, handbills, circulars, and catalog sheets. Color brochure printing is perfect to include in a promotional packet or for package inserts. Brochures are valuable tools for posting information in hospitals, hotels, even restaurants and are used as a referral source for important information and contact information. Use a custom printed brochure as a direct mail piece, an information sheet, invoice, or as a handout.

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3. Know Where to Get Your Brochures Printed


We are a leader amongst brochure printers due to our superior printing services, our excellent customer service, and our low prices. Let us help you achieve your marketing goals with full color brochures. PrintingCenterUSA offers FREE templates to help get you started with error free files, and a free online design tool (tri-fold brochure design or half fold brochure design that will help you design your brochure even when you don’t have your own design software!

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