If the intention of your product is to be written in, like a training workbook or a coloring book, then we recommend 70# or 60# uncoated text. This paper is uncoated, meaning that any ink or pigment will absorb easier onto the page. Paper that is coated (matte & gloss), can be difficult to write on and smudges easily.

The heaviest paper weight we offer is our heaviest paper weight is 14pt gloss or matte cover. This paper is not available for every product. Please refer to the pricing tool for your desired product for a list of available paper options.

The thinnest paper we have available is 60# uncoated text. This is a great paper weight if cost or weight is a concern for projects with a higher page count.

There is not really a difference between cover and cardstock. The words can be used interchangeably. Cover simply refers to a "cover-weight" paper or cardstock that is thicker than the inside pages. However, if you are ordering a product such as postcards or greeting cards, the paper can more accurately be referred to as cardstock.

We recommend selecting a gloss or matte paper for your art or photography. Gloss makes the colors pop out more than matte, but matte is an increasingly popular option.

We also recommend selecting the thickest paper options available for your cover and inside pages so your product comes off as professional as possible!

You can still write on a matte coated paper; however, you will need to use a pen or a marker. Please note: both pen and marker will likely smear before dried.

No, PrintingCenterUSA does not offer perforation on any products.

No, PrintingCenterUSA does not offer any embossing.

The closest paper to printer paper is our 60# uncoated text.