3 Easy Tips to Get the Lookbook Look” for Any Printed Project”

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Traditionally a fashion designer puts together a lookbook to showcase their latest designs. They used these books to excite their customers about upcoming trends in the fashion industry. The success of the lookbook design has other industries interested in incorporating the lookbook “look” into their marketing materials. Today we are going to share three key elements to creating a successful lookbook design.

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1. Large, Gorgeous Photos

As the name suggests a lookbook is designed to be a visual form of communication. You want to excite your customers by showing them gorgeous pictures of your products or brand. One good way to achieve this goal of gorgeous pictures is to hire a photographer or to purchase stock imagery. If you don’t have incredible images, you won’t be able to get the lookbook “look”.

2. Minimal Text

Since the focus of your design needs to be on your images, it’s important to only have text if it’s vital to your product or service. Most lookbooks focus on clothing and don’t include any text at all. Their goal is to get a customer in their store or to their website. You should only include text if it is vitally important information for your customer.

Free Lookbook Templates

3. Keep It Consistent

The design should only use 1-2 different font styles and 2-4 colors. This will ensure that your product has a consistent “look” throughout the entire design. Again, the focus needs to be on the images you used in the design. If you have several different font styles and a different color for every bit of text your design is going to start looking wild. Wild is a style or “look” but it’s not the lookbook “look”. A lookbook needs to be clean and consistent.

To get the lookbook “look” for your next printed project, be sure to have beautiful images that are the focus of the design. Keep the text minimal and the design consistent. Remember, the focus is entirely on the pictures so the rest of the design should take a backseat to those images

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