A Celebration Of Love: Wedding Program

Tye and Aishia were on the web, looking for ideas for their upcoming wedding. One product that they ran across was a wedding program. The decided that having a wedding program at their ceremony was a great idea because it told their “love story”, it looked professional and would be a token of their wedding to keep for years to come.

The first thing they did was meet with Herb Thomas, a graphic designer. They wanted their program to have a professional look and knew that a designer would help them achieve that goal.

They wanted the program to include several things. Of course, the first thing on that list was their “love story”. When you first open the pages you get to read about how the couple met and how they fell in love. This page also introduces the theme of the program, which is birds. The saying “birds of a feather flock together” has a special meaning for the couple so throughout the design they included images of peacock feathers.

One of the most important pages in the book is the page with the cartoons. Aishia wanted to visually show “their story”. The first panel shows them when they first get together, dancing in a club. The next few panels show them getting older and it shows the future of their relationship that they envision together.

Designing the cartoon was the most difficult part of this job. It took quite a while to draw it out and get it put together. Since the program Adobe Illustrator can be used to produce cartoons, Herb used that program to create the cartoon and design the rest of the project.

Herb’s advice for someone wanting to print their own wedding program is to start with an outline of the information that you want to go into the booklet. When printing a booklet, you can’t just add or remove a single page (with a saddle-stitch binding if you try to add one page you need to add four). Having an outline will help you organize your information and get the correct page count on the first try.

Also, when you design the booklet choose a theme and carry it throughout the program. Ideally you want the theme to match the wedding theme. Use similar colors and design elements that will be found at the wedding. When you look back on these programs years later you want them to have the same “feel” or “flavor” that your wedding had.

When guests arrived at the wedding they found a copy of this program on their seats. This gave them something to look at and read while waiting for the ceremony to begin and they loved it! It kept them entertained and gave them an inside look at the couple that they may not have seen before. Many guests kept the program as a souvenir or memento. Tye and Aishia plan to keep their copies for many years.

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