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Bishop Sports Photography Booklet Case Study

Specializing in children’s sports photography and operating in five states, Bishop Photo uses a booklet printing to help increase their sales. The interesting thing about this booklet is that it doesn’t talk about main service they offer – children’s sports photography. The booklet lists many of their ancillary services like magnet fundraising and yearbook printing. How does a booklet that doesn’t talk about their main services help increase their sales? I spoke with Michael Bartz, their Sales Manager, to learn more.

So why doesn’t the booklet talk about their photography services more? It comes down to the way they use their booklet.  Michael will meet with the board of the youth sports organization and give them a sales presentation. At that presentation he will talk about their photography services in person, which is an effective sales technique. Michael sends the booklet ahead to catch their attention and help him book the meeting. He leaves copies behind so that the board members have something to hold and look back on. The booklet doesn’t talk about their main photography services because it doesn’t need to. Michael will be providing all of that information when he meets with the board members.

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The booklet was designed with content from pre-designed flyers that they had already used in previous marketing campaigns. For example, if they had a flyer that talked about their yearbook printing services that information was re-purposed as a page in the booklet. This allowed them to quickly put the booklet together. The most time consuming page was the front cover. Michael spent a lot of time making sure that the cover showed a variety of their work in an appealing manner. He wanted it to be bright and eye-catching. For the paper stock they selected a 100# gloss text paper. They liked the shine that the gloss has and the durability of the 100# text weight paper.

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For others considering a booklet printing project, Michael’s advice is to organize the booklet from the start. Figure out what information you are and are not going to include. You may be tempted to include as much information as you can, but that can have an overwhelming effect on your readers. Keep it straightforward and easy-to-read.

This booklet was only eight pages long and they are very happy with it. They have seen good results from using it. Since they offer many products and services they only included a small number of those services in this edition of the book. The next time they have it printed they plan to “rotate” the content with other services that they offer. This will keep the content “fresh” and provide a variety of information for their potential customers. It will also help them research which content their customers are most interested in.

Depending on your sales methods and internal procedures your booklet may not need to include information about the main product or service you offer. Bishop Photo uses this booklet to catch the attention of board members that they want to meet with in person. They use their booklet as an effective sales tool. How can a booklet supplement your sales process?

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