Wedding Program With A Theme: A Spring Love Story

Candice Maxwell was getting married and her wedding theme was “A Spring Love Story”. Instead of using the usual single page, home printed wedding programs, she decided that she wanted something that went better with her theme – a booklet. To tell her wedding story she designed and printed a booklet-style program that was passed out at her wedding ceremony.

The first thing that Candice did was get online and research printing companies. She found our company, requested some samples and loved them. She also loved our cheap printing prices. When she realized that she could design the program on our website she was hooked. The online design tool made putting together her program a breeze. She finished it in a few short hours and sent the order in to print.

Candice set her booklet up in a logical format. The first page talks about how she and Odell met. It also includes the story of the proposal. The next few pages include the Order of Ceremony and lists the Taylor Wedding Party. Candice particularly likes the last inside page of the booklet. It contains a series of pictures throughout their relationship. These pages gave the wedding guests something to read while they waited for the ceremony to start. Even if one of her guests did not know her intimately they could still be part of the story.

The back cover of the program included a tribute to Odell’s parents, who had passed away. Candice and Odell didn’t want the event to have a somber feel and this gave them a way to include and remember those who couldn’t be at the wedding. She also used this page to thank everyone who had helped with the event such as the Pastor, wedding coordinator and vendors. She also included a special callout to her parents whose dedication and hard work had been a huge help in the wedding preparations.

Candice did make some changes to the wedding program after she had finished the initial design. Being a self-proclaimed perfectionist it was important that every detail be correct. Her advice for someone considering a project like this is to “go for it!” This wedding program helped make her event amazing because people were impressed by the programs.

Since the guests at the wedding loved the program everyone took home a copy. In fact, some people took home several copies. Candice had to jump on Facebook and ask for a few copies back so that she and her parents could have some to keep. The vibrant pictures and professional print quality made this program a success. Now Candice and Odell have a memento of their wedding to keep for years to come.

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