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Adding Bleed & Safety Margins in Microsoft Word for Your Next Print Project

Need to know how to properly add bleed and margins in Microsoft Word? It’s an important step and makes a world of difference for your print. Proper bleed and safety margins ensure your images and text extend to the edge of the page to create a seamless print without borders.

Let’s learn how to do this in Microsoft Word!

Step-by-Step Instructions for Bleed & Safety Margins in Microsoft Word

Adding bleed and margins to your Microsoft Word document is easy! Here’s a quick guide to get print-ready results. For a visual walkthrough, check out our YouTube tutorial at the bottom.

  1. Start Your Project: From the Microsoft Word document options menu create a new document.
  2. Layout Settings: Click the “Layout” button in the top menu to open our design options.
  3. Setting Page Size: Click the “Size” dropdown and select “Custom Size” at the very bottom.
    • Length: Final length of your project + 0.25 inch of bleed
    • Width: Final width of your project + 0.25 inch of bleed
    • Bleed is set✅
  4. Setting Margins: Click the “Margins” dropdown and select “Custom Margins” at the bottom
    • Top: 0.125 inch
    • Bottom: 0.125 inch
    • Right: 0.125 inch
    • Left: 0.125 inch
    • Margins are set✅
  5. Upload Your Image: Drag and drop your images into the page and create text.
  6. Save Your Print-Ready File:
    • Click “File” in the top left corner.
    • Select “Save As”.
    • Choose “PDF Print” as your file type.
    • Name your file
    • Click “Save” to download your file to your desktop.

You now have a print-ready file with perfect bleed and safety margins!

See footer for definitions of terms: bleed, safety, margin.

Watch the Video Tutorial

To watch our tutorial on these steps, check out our YouTube video here:

This video is about adding bleed and safety margins in Microsoft Word for perfect print ready files.

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Quick Definitions:


  • Definition: The area of your design that extends slightly beyond the intended final cut line (trim line) of the printed product.
  • Purpose: Provides a buffer during the printing and cutting process. Ensures that background colors and images fully extend to the edge of the page, preventing unintended white borders.

Safety Margin:

  • Definition: The area within the trim line where important text and visual elements are placed.
  • Purpose: Creates a comfortable visual buffer, ensuring key content isn’t accidentally cut off due to slight variations during printing and trimming.


  • Definition: The general term for the space between your design elements and the edge of the page.
  • Purpose: Improves readability and makes your design look balanced and professional.
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