Blind Shipping and Combined Shipping

PrintingCenterUSA.com is proud to offer multiple shipping options so that our customers can get exactly what they want for the best value. Specifically, we want to bring attention to Blind Shipping and Combined Shipping.

Blind shipping is used as a great tool for resellers, print brokers, artists, and more. It allows our customers to ship their order to their home or their clients’ homes without the PrintingCenterUSA.com branding.

As for combined shipping, this means no more separate shipments for similar products. Let’s say you’re ordering multiple catalogs with different designs needed on the same day… we now offer that as a single shipment. We are confident that this will be a service that our customers love for its ease of use, savings potential, and repeat orders.

Blind Shipping

Blind Shipping Meaning

What is blind shipping? No, it’s not where we blindfold our packers and force them to ship orders without the power of sight! Blind shipping is where we will ship your order in an unmarked box with no PrintingCenterUSA.com branding on the package and no contact information. This makes it so that the end party (blind party) doesn’t know the shipper or consignee. By default, packages ordered from PrintingCenterUSA.com will be shipped with branded tape, unless specified otherwise.

Blind Shipping vs Standard Shipping

Why Would You Use Blind Shipping?

Blind shipping can be a helpful tool for resellers, print brokers, artists, and more because it can allow them to ship their products to their customers’ homes without disclosing their supplier. This can also help businesses retain brand integrity. Not to mention, when you order with PrintingCenterUSA, blind shipping is FREE!

How Do I Choose Blind Shipping?

If you would like to utilize blind shipping when placing an order with PrintingCenterUSA.com, just leave a note in the comments section of your order during checkout. Our customer service team will see this note and relay the message to our shipping department.

Example of Combined Shipping on PrintingCenterUSA Receipt

Combined Shipping

Combined Shipping Meaning

But what is combined shipping? Combined shipping is where multiple orders are packed into the same shipment so that the customer can save money on shipping costs and get all of their products at the same time. If orders have the opportunity to be shipped at the same time, these orders will be automatically grouped together and the shipping cost will be calculated from that grouped order, therefore saving our customers’ money. Additionally, if you are placing a repeat order, you can place a reorder for everything that is within that shipment.

How Do I Combine Shipping?

Don’t worry about adding this option to your order, combined shipping will be automatically tacked to your relevant orders. You can see if your order has combined shipping when you go to place your order and on your receipt. Multiple products that are being sent in the same shipment will be shown like the example receipt to the right.

For this example order, the customer ordered a set of Booklets, Catalogs, and Calendars. We can see that the order has been broken into 2 shipments. Shipment 1 contains 2 items, the booklets and the catalogs. Shipment 2 contains 1 item, the Calendars.


In summary, PrintingCenterUSA now automatically offers combined shipping on select orders that have the same production time AND we are happy to offer our customers that ability to ship their orders with no PCUSA branding by choosing blind shipping. We look forward to continuing to offer great printing services at stellar prices for our customers.

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