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Meet Tanerra Willis, the creative force behind The Amazing Corner and its innovative self-published author book fair. Her Amazing Author Catalog features a vibrant group of authors dedicated to bringing more diversity to the world of children’s books. “Think of it as a literary movement,” Tanerra explains, “a group of us coming together to make sure kids see themselves in what they read.”

Tanerra Willis: Dreamer, Doer, and Champion of Self-Published Authors

We’re thrilled to feature Tanerra Willis and her unique take on the traditional book fair. Recognizing the challenges self-published authors often face, Tanerra created a space where they can thrive, a space built on support and affordability. Here at PrintingCenterUSA, we share her passion for empowering authors and making great books more accessible to all.

Tanerra’s mission for a self-publishing author book fair began with a simple idea: to create a welcoming environment for self-published authors without the steep costs of traditional book fairs. Inspired by her own community of writers, she wanted to do something different, something that emphasized connection and collaboration.

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From Idea to Action: Tanerra’s Journey

Have you ever dreamt of seeing your book displayed at a bustling book fair, surrounded by fellow authors and eager readers? Tanerra Willis, the creative force behind The Amazing Corner, knows that feeling all too well. Like many self-published authors, Tanerra envisioned her work reaching a wider audience, but the reality of traditional book fair costs – often with per-event and booth fees climbing into the hundreds – quickly turned that dream into a distant possibility.

Undeterred, Tanerra spent the past year cultivating something truly special: The Amazing Corner’s innovative self-published author book fair. It’s a flagship event designed to bridge the gap for self-published authors while bringing diverse books directly into communities. Here, affordability and support take center stage, allowing authors like Tanerra to share their stories without breaking the bank. But The Amazing Corner goes beyond just book sales. It’s a community, a vibrant space for collaboration and fostering a love of reading, especially among young minds.

The spark for her first self-published author book fair ignited in March 2023, and Tanerra hasn’t slowed down since. “Connecting, community, and collaboration,” is at the heart of everything she does. Her first big step – crafting a captivating catalog – became a reality through her partnership with Kim C. Lee. It was a true labor of love, and the foundation for all her exciting events to come!

Of course, with any big idea, challenges arise. For Tanerra, this meant finding and representing authors, handling logistics, and carefully choosing books that celebrated diversity. But she was ready! Drawing from her existing network and tapping into the power of social media, she grew her reach. Her focus on children’s literature, specifically for elementary-aged readers, ensured the content was age-appropriate and engaging.

Success and Making an Impact

The response has been fantastic! Three out of Tanerra’s four in-person book fairs have been a huge success with impressive sales. Schools have been eager to welcome Tanerra and her authors, offering students a unique way to connect with literature.

Tanerra’s collaborative approach is what makes her events special. She works with schools to create a fully customized experience, whether that means virtual fairs, author readings, or meet-and-greets. And she’s just getting started – Tanerra plans to expand her selection to include more books for pre-teens and teens, while always keeping diversity and accessibility top of mind.

Building Bridges Through Books: Tanerra’s Commitment to Diversity

Tanerra’s vision for The Amazing Corner is about more than just successful book fairs. She’s deeply committed to making sure the books she features reflect the beautiful, diverse world we live in. She believes that stories have the power to build empathy, understanding, and a sense of belonging in young readers.

In Self-Publishing Made Simple: A Five-Time Author’s Success with PrintingCenterUSA, we touched on Tanerra’s focus on children’s books. This is very intentional on her part. Tanerra knows that seeing yourself in the books you read is incredibly important for kids. It helps them develop a broader perspective and an appreciation for all the things that make people unique.

Tanerra actively seeks out books that feature characters of color, from all backgrounds, and with a range of abilities. She also makes sure the stories themselves celebrate diversity and challenge stereotypes. This careful selection process is a testament to her genuine commitment.

“We believe that positive representation is key to fostering a strong foundation for self-esteem, inspiring children to dream big, embrace their uniqueness, and ultimately succeed in all aspects of life,” says Tanerra Willis.

The Power of Diverse Books

Tanerra isn’t just passionate about diversity, she knows how big an impact it can have. As the founder and owner of The Amazing Author Catalog and Book Fairs, Tanerra Willis is on a mission to make literature a powerful catalyst for youth success. Central to this mission is the recognition that positive self-imagery plays a pivotal role in shaping young minds. By offering a curated selection of books that reflect the diversity of experiences, cultures, and identities, The Amazing Author Catalog aims to instill a sense of pride and belonging in young. Research shows that exposure to diverse books can:

  • Boost self-esteem in children from underrepresented communities.
  • Improve social skills by fostering empathy and understanding.
  • Fight prejudice by breaking down stereotypes and promoting tolerance.

By giving a platform to diverse voices and stories, Tanerra is empowering authors and helping to create a more open and inclusive world for young readers.

Sharing the Knowledge: Tips and Inspiration for Others

For those interested in promoting literacy or supporting self-published authors, Tanerra’s advice is clear: be creative, be unique, and be engaging. “You want it to be fun, and something that you would engage with personally.”

Tanerra loves to feature new talent that inspires and motivates, like Donye Price Of @mysereniteas who became Chester PA’s first female firefighter & is now a new self-published author inspiring girls all over the world! Tanerra also features books that cater to a diverse audience, especially children with disabilities. Check out the book Extraordinary Jordyn and Her Bionic Ears as an example.

The Most Rewarding Aspect: Building Dreams, One Book at a Time

Reflecting on her journey, Tanerra highlights the author support as the most rewarding aspect. Witnessing the excitement and success of participating authors brings her immense satisfaction. Seeing their dreams realized, with books flying off the shelves, is a testament to the power of community and collaboration.

Tanerra’s story is one of dedication, innovation, and a genuine love for literature. We at PrintingCenterUSA are proud to partner with The Amazing Corner and celebrate their ongoing success in creating a thriving book fair experience for authors and readers alike.

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Tanerra Willis is a five-time self-published author, entrepreneur, and advocate for diversity in literature. She also works as a certified RN at Nemours Children’s Hospital for Children. As the founder and owner of The Amazing Author Catalog and Book Fairs, she is dedicated to bringing diverse books to schools, libraries, and youth/family-based organizations across the country. Tanerra is also the proud owner of Amazing Family Enterprises LLC DBA The Amazing Corner, a certified black-woman-owned business.

Tanerra Willis provides many additional services, such as Keynote Speaker, Transformation Workshops, Self-Publishing Discovery Call, Life Coaching and more! Connect with her directly here.

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