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Converlation: How Booklets are Reviving Real Conversations

Converlation: The exchange of thoughts, ideas, and feelings that build and strengthen relationships. A blend of “conversation” and “relationship.”

Have you ever stopped to think how technology affects our daily interactions? That’s the question at the core of Converlation, a company devoted to strengthening real conversations in a digitally dominated world.

Converlation started with a simple yet powerful idea: helping families and kids deal with too much screen time. They initially set out with a program called “AppleSlice” to make tech more than just entertainment for kids.

But things took a turn. They realized that just focusing on devices wasn’t enough. So, they changed their approach and became “Before Giving Before Getting” Their goal? To make sure kids and parents really understand tech before it becomes a big part of their lives. They dug deep, did a lot of research, and even started websites to share what they found about tech’s impact.

While teaching people about tech, Converlation discovered that they were actually helping families and friends have better conversations. So, they evolved into what they are now: a company all about encouraging good, old-fashioned talks, merging the ideas of conversation and relationships.

Converlation’s Unique Approach

How does Converlation bring these conversations to life? It’s all about interactive tools. They’ve created a range of booklets, designed for their different audiences. A key point of Converlation’s success lies in the deliberate choice to use paper materials in their program. In a world where digital media dominates, this approach stands out. Their booklets not only offer a tangible experience but also actively encourage users to engage in face-to-face discussions, thus reviving the art of conversation. This is a refreshing change that many participants have come to appreciate, as it brings back the charm and engagement of traditional reading and discussion.

This is a reminder of the power of print in an increasingly digital world. Their program consists of:

These range of materials ensures they can reach people in different ways, catering to various preferences and needs, and align perfectly with their mission to decrease screen time and foster face-to-face interactions.

The importance Converlation places on the quality of their printed materials cannot be overstated. At PrintingCenterUSA, we’ve taken significant steps to ensure that every print product we produce aligns with their high-quality standards. Initially, Converlation was attracted to our service because of the ease of getting quotes and competitive pricing. However, over time, it’s become clear that our commitment to quality and customer service has been monumental in maintaining this partnership. Our approach to customer service has been a highlight for Converlation. We often reach out proactively to discuss potential improvements or confirm details, ensuring that the final product matches their vision. This attention to detail is something that Converlation values greatly.

This commitment to excellence is reflected in the feedback they have received. A school teacher highlighted the quality of our materials, saying “we rarely see this quality of materials in schools” Parents, too, have shown their appreciation for the “old school” nature of these materials.

Our focus on quality, coupled with prompt service and attentive customer care, has made us the preferred printing partner for Converlation.

Tailoring Conversations Across Different Audiences

Converlation’s strength lies in its ability to tailor conversations to specific groups, ensuring that each booklet is perfectly suited to its audience. Converlation has developed targeted solutions for families, schools, coaches and couples. Let’s take a closer look at how these booklets come to life across different settings:

  1. Families – These booklets are used by a parent and child, one-on-one, to guide them through activities. The family guides are particularly impactful, as they offer a structured yet flexible way for parents and children to explore topics that matter in today’s tech-heavy environment.
  2. Schools – Rolled out in middle schools (5 – 8 grade). It is a series of 16 activities worked through the course of an entire school year. Each activity is carefully crafted to be engaging and relevant, addressing the unique challenges and opportunities that technology presents to the younger generation.
  3. Coaches – Certified Coaching program to credential adults that would like to coach kids as well as adults. This program is an essential component to empower adults to guide and mentor effectively in the digital age.
  4. Couples – Help them get back to communicating with each other. When parents would go through the program with their child, they would always say “boy, my spouse/partner could use this. We could use this.” The Couples’ program reflects Converlation’s understanding that communication is key in all relationships, not just those between parents and children.

Their primary goal is to spark genuine conversations. Unlike programs that offers one-direction information, Converlation actively engages its audience, encouraging them to explore the implications of technology interactively.

Developing Effective Materials

In their mission to reshape conversations, Converlation employs a dynamic marketing strategy that effectively bridges the gap between digital outreach and personal engagement.

Converlation’s content creation is steered by three principles:

WIFM (What’s in It For Me?)

PRD (People Don’t Read)

KISS (Keep It Short and Simple)

These acronyms are the philosophies that guide their material development. By focusing on the audience’s perspective, acknowledging the need for concise and engaging content, and striving for simplicity, Converlation ensures that their booklets are both effective, compelling, and user-friendly.

Their approach extends beyond individual consumer engagement, as Converlation also targets educational systems and professional entities through a Business to Business (B2B) model. Whether it’s through an insightful post on social media or a hands-on workshop at a local event, Converlation’s marketing efforts are all about making meaningful connections that echo their core mission of fostering real conversations in a digitally saturated age.

What The Future Holds

Looking forward, Converlation plans to explore new themes in their guides, addressing not only the challenges posed by technology but also broader aspects of communication in various life stages and relationships. They are also considering expanding their audience base, reaching out to different age groups and demographics, thereby broadening the scope of their impact.

It’s clear that Converlation is set for exciting times ahead. With their creative and strategic planning, they are ready to launch a series of new editions, each aimed at fostering deeper connections and understanding. Their focus on events and dates like Valentine’s Day is just the beginning.

Their ultimate aspiration? To see ‘Converlation’ recognized in the dictionary.

In a world increasingly driven by digital interactions, Converlation’s commitment to reviving real conversations through printed guides is not just innovative; it’s essential. Together, we look forward to a future where conversations are not just heard, but felt, and relationships are not just maintained, but flourished.

To learn more about Converlation and their innovative approach to fostering meaningful conversations, visit their website here.

To embrace Converlation’s mission think about this: how can we all foster more meaningful conversations in our own lives?

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