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Custom Art Printing Success: Transforming Vision into Reality

In the world of custom art printing, transforming a personal vision into a tangible reality is a journey filled with passion and creativity. This is the story of a remarkable artist and entrepreneur, who has taken her business to new heights by selling her art in various printed forms, such as calendars, greeting cards, art prints, and more. She’s not just a nature photographer with over 30 years of experience; she’s a visionary who brings her and her clients’ dreams to life through custom art and innovative printed materials.

Now, let’s unfold the story.

Visit Teri Kai Designs website to learn more about her and her work, where every piece tells a story here. Looking to learn about other things she creates or the process behind her work? Check out her blog here.

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“I have been a nature photographer for over 30 years. It was in my free time and although I sold some of my work, I primarily did it for me. I also painted but purely as a hobby. About 3 years or so I opened an etsy shop where I created mostly custom designs for dog owners. I started adding in some of my nature work as well. That led to my decision to launch a full time business where I joined ArtStoreFronts who hosts my website, my online inventory and helps with my marketing plan.”

The Art of Customization and Innovation

As a seasoned nature photographer and painter, our featured artist has always been driven by her love for the craft. Her journey took a significant turn three years ago when she launched a full-time business, creating custom designs primarily for dog owners and incorporating her nature work. Her key products? Custom paintings created from photos sent by clients, which are then transformed into calendars, photo books, greeting cards, and more.

Targeting the Heart of Art Collectors and Dog Lovers

Her target audience is as unique as her art – art collectors, dog owners, and creators seeking to turn her artwork into printed merchandise. What sets her business apart is the personalized approach – using clients’ photos for custom art or her own photography for digital paintings.

“My key products are custom and commissions for paintings done from photos. For example someone will send me a photo of their dog, favorite place or maybe even the flowers in their garden and I will use their photo to create their artwork.”

Custom Art Printing: The Backbone of Her Business

Business cards, calendars, notecards, journals, greeting cards, and magnets – these are more than just items; they’re key marketing tools at shows and giveaways. She has entrusted PrintingCenterUSA with calendars, booklets, programs, and brochures, which have significantly contributed to her business’s growth and client satisfaction.

Goals and Strategies: A Dual Approach

“My business is unique because I often use my clients photo to create custom art or I use my own photography to create digital paintings which can then be printed on a wide variety of merch.”

Her strategy is twofold: cater to her clients’ business needs while showcasing her own work’s quality. Her success stems from understanding and anticipating client needs, delivering quality service, and maintaining strong communication. However, her journey wasn’t without challenges. Balancing what clients think they want versus what they need has been a learning curve.

“I often have more than one goal. I have a goal for my clients business that I always keep in mind when I’m creating and designing marketing materials and I have a goal for my business that drives my decisions. Specific goals for my clients might include creating programs that showcase their event or that help grow their future events. Specific goals for me and my business are to display my level of quality work and designs so that future clients know that when I create something for them, it will be top-notch.”

Creative Process, Memorable Moments, & The Dream Scenario

Her creative process starts with understanding her clients’ needs and goals. Whether it’s a fundraiser design or a personal project, she meticulously plans the layout, incorporating client photos or her own designs. The proofs are then reviewed to ensure perfection.

We asked Teri what has contributed most to her success, what did you do right, and what did you do wrong?

“The things that contributed most to my success: the ability to understand and anticipate my clients needs, quality service, and communication with my clients from start to finish of the project and maintaining relationships with my clients for future projects or referrals.”

“The things that I did right : I maintained communication. I actively reached out when I had a question and I made it easy for my clients to reach me. I am a phone call a text message or an email away so that my clients know that if there is a concern or a sudden change in the content they can reach me before it goes to print.”

“The things that did not work so well, and taught me lessons were many . It took several years to find a balance between creating what my clients thought they wanted versus what they actually needed.”

Her aspiration? To attract new clients seeking her expertise in creating custom images for various printed materials.

Effective Marketing Strategies for Custom Art Printing

Social media plays a significant role in her marketing, complemented by partnerships focusing on email and social media marketing. Repeat business from existing clients, thanks to the trust built over time, forms a crucial part of her strategy.

“I use a lot of social media for marketing, but I also partnered with a company that helps promote my business through email marketing and social media marketing. The marketing strategy that’s working the best for me is follow up communications with potentials after the initial marketing. Social media brings me the ability to communicate with new people.”

“The other marketing strategy that works very well for me is repeat business from my existing clients. I make sure they know projects that I can either complete for them or contribute to. Since my existing clients already know the quality of my work it’s easier for them to trust me to help them to hire someone unknown.”

Choosing PrintingCenterUSA for Custom Art Printing

What led her to choose PrintingCenterUSA was the unbeatable combination of quality, affordability, and exceptional customer support. Unlike other companies, PrintingCenterUSA ensures that the final output matches the envisioned design, saving time and money.

“My clients always have a budget I had to stay within that as well and your products are quality and affordable. I’ve also found your customer support is much better than other companies because you take the time to look at the final output before it goes to the print. Other companies may go to print it and then you find that it doesn’t look the way you envisioned. Your company takes the time to point out issues so that I can correct it for my clients and save us all valuable money and time.”

Working with PrintingCenterUSA has allowed her to create beautifully designed work, confident that the printing will align with her vision. The feedback and support from the team have been invaluable. “My clients have loved everything I have created and printed through PrintingCenterUSA.”

Future Plans and Final Thoughts

She is gearing up for large projects, including art shows and gallery exhibitions, requiring high-quality printed materials. Subscription boxes with an array of printed items like art books and journals are also on the horizon.

Why PrintingCenterUSA? Professionalism, quality, and competitive pricing. Her journey, marked by creativity, innovation, and a strong partnership with PrintingCenterUSA, is a testament to the power of bringing visions to life through print.

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