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July 2024 Social Media Content Ideas & Important Dates

Break out the BBQ and flip-flops, because summer is here and this month we are serving up a fresh batch of July social media content ideas hotter than the summer sun! From Independence Day fireworks to the dog days of summer, we’ve got your social strategy covered.

Let’s get into our July social media content!

July 2024 Social Media Spark

Keep your July social feed booming this summer with a pop of color, lasting friendships and a celebration of events. Here is the combination for a hot social media content feed. 

We are starting July with a bang on the 4th for Independence Day. After enjoying the firework show, we will stop by the creamery to cool off. Then we will drive to see the family for National Parents’ Day. And finally celebrating the end of July with our besties on International Day of Friendship.

Let the fiery brilliance of July’s birthstone, the ruby, inspire your social media content this month! Style your product photos with bold, ruby-inspired hues and dynamic text to create images that captivate your audience. Imagine creating a stunning summer catalog that tells a story of vibrant, sun-soaked days with ruby accents for your customers to browse all season long.

Independence Day July 4th  

Independence Day is almost here, fireworks, parades, and family celebrations are in full blast. Share the moments that make this holiday special. Let’s celebrate beauty around us. #IndependenceDay #4thofJuly #ShareYourSpirit

Themed Posts: Take your product images with a cool firework background.   

Special Promo Codes: Offer exclusive discounts or limited time offers that are themed towards the 4th. You could also run a contest where participants can win prizes for the best images taken or submitted of firework displays. 

Polls and Quizzes: Create fun polls related to Independence Day to educate your audience. For example, you could ask “What year was the Declaration of Independence signed?” or “True or False: The Liberty Bell cracked because of a lightning strike.” 

Use postcards to turn your photography into a memorable keepsake or to send to your followers throughout the month. Or save them for the New Years!

National Ice Cream Day 21st  

Brain freeze! Is your social media content calendar ready for a sweet treat? Whether you’re snapping pics of towering sundaes, colorful cones, or mouth-watering scoops, let your love for ice cream shine on your July social media feed.

Themed Posts: Take your team out for ice cream and post photos of your adventure to share your company culture with your followers.

Special Promo Codes: Partner with a local creamery and create flyers that offer a special ice cream coupon for customers after making a purchase from your store. 

Polls and Quizzes: Use a poll and quiz related to National Ice Cream Day to engage your followers. You could ask “What’s your favorite ice cream and topping?” or “What ice cream flavor matches your personality best?” 

Call on your audience and use newsletters to turn your campaign into a community wide trend.

National Parents’ Day July 23rd  

#NationalParentsDay is a time to celebrate the amazing parents who guide, support, and inspire us. Honor them with heartfelt messages, thoughtful gifts, or quality time. Let’s show our appreciation for their love and dedication. 💖🌟

Heartfelt Content
Post a photo of your parent and share a story about their life! Invite followers to share their favorite or funny memories with their parents in the comments. 

Partner UP!
Team up with a parenting blog or magazine for a cross-promotion post where they share parenting tips or stories that include your products or services, and you highlight their content on your social media. 🤝

The Best Gift
Show kids what your business has to offer by curating a list of items that would make perfect gifts for their parents.

From family calendars to custom photo books PCUSA can help you find the perfect custom gift for your parent!

International Day of Friendship July 30th 

Celebrate International Day of Friendship with your #bestie on social media by sharing content that honors your friendship. Here are a few ideas to get your friendship celebrations started!

Friend’s Trip
Partner with local businesses to create a brochure that has the best activities & destinations to enjoy with friends locally. Add photos, insider tips, and exclusive discounts for your followers to make the most of their time together.📍 

Lasting Memories
Encourage your followers to share their favorite friendship memories or plans for celebrating. Create a special hashtag for the campaign and offer a prize for the most creative or heartwarming submission.

Summer Themed Sales 
Post a ‘refer your friends’ discount on social media that allows others to invite or share your product with their friends in exchange for a discount or shared promotion. 

Create a zine of you & your friends then post your digital flipbook online with your community to share how you celebrated!

July 2024 Social Media Content

Say goodbye to those early summer pastels and get ready to embrace the bold, bright colors of midsummer. 🌞It’s time to heat things up and create some scorching hot content for the heart of the summer season! ☀️🔥

Check out our July 2024 Marketing Content Calendar! It’s not just a tool for keeping up with trends, it’s the ultimate guide for setting them. to staying ahead of the curve with timely tips, trending topics, and creative ideas that will leave your followers wanting more every month. Be sure to come back next month for more social media and content strategies for August! 🌞✨

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