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June 2024 Social Media Content Ideas & Important Dates 

School’s out, shades on! It’s time to ditch the rain gear and dive into a sparkling pool of June social media content! ☀️😎 

With summer coming, we know you need some hot content for your June social media. Bring the best of June’s events and holidays into your content calendar! From Father’s Day to the summer solstice, we’ve got your social strategy covered. 

Let’s get into our June social media content!

June 2024 Social Media Jumpstart

Keep your June social media feed cool this summer with a heatwave of sunshine, beach vibes and a celebration of events. Here is the summer recipe for an enticing social media content feed. 

We are starting June with a fresh of breath air on nature photography day. After enjoying the great outdoors, we will stop by the shop to tell dad happy Father’s Day. And finally finishing June with a healthy dose of appreciation for the summer solstice, bringing hot weather and longer days our way.

Let June’s birthstone, pearl, inspire your social media content! Align your brand values with Pearl’s symbolism of gained wisdom. Style product photos with pearl themed colors and text to create product images that demand attention. Investing in a high-quality catalog to highlight your summer products can help to boost engagement. 

Nature Photography Day June 15th  

Calling all photographers!!! Is your social media feed ready for the beauty of nature?🌿With Nature Photography Day around the corner, it is time to show off your nature photography on social media for national nature photography day!

Themed Posts: Take your product images or team photos outside in nature. Think lush greenery, blooming flowers, sunset landscapes, and perspective photography.  

Special Promo Codes: Offer exclusive discounts or limited time offers that are themed towards nature. You could also run a contest where participants can win prizes for the best images taken or submitted. 

Polls and Quizzes: Create fun polls and quizzes related to Nature Photography Day to educate and engage your audience. For example, you could ask “Which national park is this landscape from?” or “Guess the species of this bird.” 

Use postcards to turn your photography into a memorable keepsake or to send to your followers later on for another holiday.

Father’s Day June 16th  

#FathersDay is a time to celebrate the incredible men who guide, support, and inspire us. It’s a day to honor dads, grandfathers, and father figures with heartfelt messages, thoughtful gifts, or simply quality time together.

Heartfelt Content
Post a photo of your dad (or the father figures in your life) and share why they’re amazing! Invite followers to share their favorite or funny memories with their dads in the comments. 

Partner UP!
Social media is all about making connections! Collaborate with another business to create a special Father’s Day bundle or promotion that combines your business’s products or services. 🤝

The Best Gift
Show all the dads out there what your business has to offer by curating a list of items that would make perfect gifts for fathers.

From personalized prints and custom photo books PCUSA can help you find the perfect custom gift for your dad!

Summer Solstice June 20th 

Celebrate the first day of summer on social media with content that saves the season’s spirit of nurturing energy. Here’s a few ideas to get your summer started!🌞

Outdoor Adventure Guide 
Partner with local businesses to create a brochure that shows the best outdoor activities and destinations in your area. Include photos, insider tips, and exclusive discounts for your followers. 

The Best Summer Memories 
Encourage your followers to share their favorite summer memories, traditions, or plans for the season. Create a hashtag for the campaign and offer a prize for the most creative or heartwarming submission. 

Summer Themed Sales 
Change up the style and introduce a new wave of heat by staging your product in a spring themed setting or catalog


Juneteenth is a moment to honor and reflect on the end of slavery in the United States. It’s a great opportunity for your business to demonstrate its commitment to equality and support for the Black community. Promoting Black-owned businesses by sharing their stories and contributions they make to both you and your industry can help create a more diverse online space and shows your support for the historical leap forward. Highlight individuals throughout June that have inspired you!

June 2024 Social Media Content

May flowers have bloomed, and we’re jumping into June with a fresh batch of social media inspiration! 🌷 Leave those spring pastels in the dust and get ready for a vibrant summer of hot content creation. 

To charge up every day of your June social media content calendar and make your feed fire, check out our June 2024 Marketing Content Calendar! It’s your ultimate guide to staying ahead of the curve with timely tips, trending topics, and creative ideas that will leave your followers wanting more every month. Check back in next month for July’s social media and content strategies! 

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