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Kayla Bohnhorst: A World from Fashion to Fiction

For Kayla Bohnhorst, fashion was her passion and she made it her daily life. As a manufacturing supervisor, she worked hard to make sure she was surrounded with what she loved. However, life threw a curveball her way. In the fall of 2022, Kayla found herself distanced from the very world she loved so much, a result of an unforeseen layoff.

A New Chapter Begins

With time on her hands and dreams in her heart, a dormant idea began to take shape. Becoming the author of a children’s book, a concept she’d toyed with for years, suddenly seemed possible. It was the silver lining she’d been looking for and the perfect opportunity to make the dream happen. Partnering with a former colleague, Amanda Coombes, who found herself in a similar situation, the duo embarked on this new journey. Amanda, an artist at heart, would often do commission sketches alongside her full time job. As weeks turned into months, their collaboration bore fruit. Nine months in, “Bun Bun and Blanky” was born.

Together they created a world both magical yet deeply relatable. Bun Bun, a stuffed bunny with a heart full of dreams and challenges to overcome, was a reflection of every child who felt a little different, a little out of place. Bun Bun is a stuffed animal bunny with one parent. He doesn’t have an ideal family life. He is adopted and not of the same kind as his human parent. He doesn’t learn like every other kid, which will relate to children with different learning disabilities. He cannot fit into regular shoes since he doesn’t have human feet so he wears special socks to compensate, this relates to physical disabilities. He uses hand gestures to communicate, much like a form of sign language.

While meant to resonate with Children 2 years old and older, their ambition for their book was grander. They aimed to resonate with adults too, invoking nostalgia and offering a fresh perspective on acceptance and understanding.

The Motivation and The Journey

Embarking on a project often requires more than just an idea; it demands passion and a true sense of purpose. For Kayla, the motivation was clear – to spread joy and make sure everyone who picks up the book- smiles. The character of Bun Bun, inspired by an actual toy, had always been a beacon of happiness. It felt right to spread that warmth on a larger scale.

Kayla and Amanda dove headfirst into Bun Bun’s universe, adopting his unique perspective. By living vicariously through Bun Bun, they imagined a world abundant with jelly beans, a reflection of his “jelly bean vision”. Every scenario they brainstormed revolved around the whimsical interactions one might expect in a world so rich in imagination. In fact, the duo was brimming with so many ideas that condensing them into a single book proved challenging.

Dedicating time to this project was essential. As they sculpted the story, the character of Bun Bun matured. Throughout this time, Kayla and Amanda recognized the importance of time management and adaptability. Remaining true to the essence of Bun Bun was their compass, guiding them away from clichéd storylines and into a tale that felt genuine and unique.

However, their creative process wasn’t without its hiccups. They initially missed some edits and had to revisit certain illustrations. The character’s design evolved, demanding multiple reworks. Yet, every setback was a lesson, sharpening their vision. They wanted their book to stand out, not just be another title on the shelf.

By centering their narrative on authenticity and staying adaptable to change, Kayla and Amanda crafted a story that promises to resonate with readers.

The Printed Dream

For any author, printing is crucial. For Kayla, the choice was simple. Kayla was initially attracted to PrintingCenterUSA because of the impressive print quality she noticed on our website. The wide range of printed offerings assured her that we could effectively address all her business requirements. A strong advocate for American manufacturing, she was pleased that our operations were stateside. The instant quote eliminated the usual waiting game, offering her immediate clarity and streamlining the process. However, the moment she received the hard copy proof, her convictions solidified.

The proof transported her away from the digital age, reminding her of the charm of traditional paper books. As Kayla said “With children’s books, it’s vital for readers to engage both visually and physically. They need to flip the pages and immerse themselves in the story.” The choice of a matte finish not only made reading effortless without a glare but also accentuated the colors, making the illustrations vibrant. Paper choice is vital when making a decision on your prints, for more insights, check out our article on matte vs glossy paper to determine the best option for your next project.

Above all, our exceptional customer service convinced her she’d made the right choice. With a story as vivid as “Bun Bun and Blanky,” every page needed to stand out. With PrintingCenterUSA, Kayla felt confident her book would come alive just as she pictured.

In the video below, Kayla speaks about her book and partnering with PrintingCenterUSA to bring them to life.

The Future and Beyond

As for what lies ahead? Kayla hopes to share “Bun Bun and Blanky” with as many readers as possible. The initial goal is selling all 1,500 printed units, and from there, the sky’s the limit. A book series, merchandise, and even a TV adaptation are all on the table.

For now, Kayla and Amanda continue their promotional efforts, relying on word of mouth, their Instagram page, and potential collaborations with bookstores and libraries.

Being a featured author in our success series, Kayla’s bond with PrintingCenterUSA signifies more than just a professional collaboration. It’s a testament to mutual growth and the undying drive for excellence.

Kayla’s journey is more than just a career transition. It’s a testament to the ability to adapt, evolve, and create. From a factory to the limitless world of children’s imagination, Kayla Bohnhorst’s story is one of inspiration and the magic you can create when you chase your dreams.

For those eager to delve deeper into Kayla’s world, she welcomes everyone to immerse themselves into “Bun Bun and Blanky’s world”

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