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The Craft of Photography Calendars by Diane Jensen

Diane Jensen - Photographer and owner of 'UpNortPhoto"

Meet Diane Jensen, a fine art photographer based in Northeastern Wisconsin. She has made a name for herself through her company ‘UpNortPhoto’ captivating nature, landscape, and wildlife photography. Her images are not just snapshots of nature, but an immersive experience that invite viewers into the heart of the natural world. Through her words “My camera is a tool, similar to a painter’s brush, used to create an image that is a personal artistic expression”

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Artistic Beginnings

Diane’s passion for art began with an influence close to home – her father, who had a deep love for the arts. Diane believes this is where her artistic spark was first ignited. She fell in love with photography after playing around with film throughout her adolescent years. Even as the technology evolved, Diane found the core principles of photography – capturing moments and emotions – remained timeless. After years of working with film, she received a DSLR camera from her husband, and her first thought was, “what am I supposed to do with that?”

She now reflects on that moment as a significant turning point. Her dedication to her craft has since been recognized with numerous awards and published features as a distinguished photographer in the northeast Wisconsin area.

World Reaction

At the core of Diane’s fine art photography business lies her skillful use of printed products. She presents her work through high-quality fine art prints

  • Business Cards
  • Photography Calendars
  • Banners
Emu photographed by Northeast Wisconsin Photographer Diane Jensen

The response from her audience has been overwhelmingly positive. Her work is meant to make a mark on art enthusiasts and collectors of all ages who are consistently impressed by the depth and authenticity of her photography. Even gifting these items to friends and family members. In her words “Everyone loves them. While we live in a world where everyone’s life is managed by a cell phone, I find there are still a large number of peopled who still utilize a paper calendar, hanging on the side of a refrigerator, keeping track of birthdays, appointments, and kids sports”

The positive feedback and growing demand for her work are clear indicators of Diane’s growing presence in the art world.

Diane’s Approach to Success

Diane’s creative process for her printed materials, especially her photography calendars , are meticulously planned. She understands the importance of each image in creating a connection with the viewer, considering how each photo needs to engage the audience for a whole month. Her annual theme selection process begins by July, giving her enough time for additional photography and ensuring her calendar is ready well before the new year- aiming for a September order date.

Diane has recently taken significant steps to broaden her marketing approach, extending her reach beyond the familiar territory of art and craft shows. Limited marketing had previously capped her potential, making her realize she needed to revamp her online presence. A major leap in this direction was the redesign of her website, transforming it into a more engaging and user-friendly platform. Alongside this, she introduced a weekly blog, delving into various aspects of photography, a move that has significantly spiked interest. The results are telling: a 400% increase in website traffic in just three months, a clear indicator of heightened visibility and interest in her work.

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Despite the remarkable increase in online engagement, this hasn’t translated in a rise in sales, a common challenge in the digital era. However, her participation in art and craft/fine art shows continues to be a reliable driver for sales, underlining the value of personal interaction and physical presence in her field. Diane actively uses social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, not just as promotional tools, but as mediums to showcase her work and connect with her audience on a more personal level.

The PrintingCenterUSA Experience

Diane’s journey in finding the right printing partner for her artwork led her to PrintingCenterUSA. Her decision was influenced by an online search, where she discovered the company’s excellent customer reviews, particularly highlighting their customer service. What made us stand out was not only our quality products but also reasonable pricing, with a user-friendly design and ordering process.

Photographer Calendars created By Diane Jensen With PrintingCenterUSA

For her first photography calendar project with PrintingCenterUSA, Diane requested a hard copy proof to verify the quality. The result? She was quite satisfied. This positive experience repeated in the second year, reinforcing her confidence in our services. Following these successful interactions, Diane felt assured enough to pre-approve her designs in subsequent orders, trusting that we would consistently deliver high-quality products.

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Diane appreciates several key aspects of working with us: the top-notch customer service, the flexibility in printing options, and the competitive pricing, all while maintaining consistent quality. This combination has made PrintingCenterUSA her preferred choice for her photography calendar printing. As she puts it, she is “very satisfied with the quality and price of the product” and values the exceptional communication and customer service we offer. Her experience stresses the importance of reliability and quality in a printing partnership, particularly for fine art photography calendars.


Diane Jensen’s journey in fine art photography, underscored by her collaboration with PrintingCenterUSA, stands as a testament to the power of blending artistic vision with quality printing. From the early days of film to the vast possibilities of digital photography, Diane has consistently captured the beauty of the natural world, engaging art enthusiasts and collectors. This partnership highlights the importance of choosing the right collaborators to bring one’s artistic vision to life. Diane’s story, marked by dedication, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to her craft, continues to inspire and resonate within the art community.

Inspired by Diane Jensen’s artistic journey and the exceptional quality of her photography calendars? It’s your turn now. Let PrintingCenterUSA help bring your creative vision to life with our high-quality printing solutions. Experience the difference that quality printing makes and start crafting your own story of print excellence!

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