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Red Hill Mobility Product Catalog – Case Study

As a small business it’s critical for your selling tools to help increase your total sales and number of orders. Ryan, the owner of Red Hill Mobility, competes with major industries and understands that his catalog needs to showcase his products and set him apart from the crowd.

Military vehicles are often used in rough terrain where there is a good chance of getting stuck. Ryan gives demonstrations on techniques and equipment to get those vehicles unstuck, during which, he provides a packet of information to share and leave with the group. One of those items is the catalog that they designed to promote the equipment that they sell.

There were a few key elements for the design of the catalog. It had to be bright and eye-catching. Sometimes the people at the demonstration are only going to glance at it for a few seconds and it needs hold their attention.

It also needed to be visually easy to read and not too busy. They have around 40 products that potentially could go in the catalog, but if they added everything, it would be overwhelming. For his clients, who aren’t going to spend a lot of time browsing the catalog, it’s important that there isn’t too much information to distract them.

“Don’t make it like a sudoku puzzle,” Ryan advises. “Sometimes they only have a second to glance at it.”

It’s also important to have high quality print material. Ryan could have printed the catalogs on his home printer, but it wouldn’t have the same professional finish that glossy paper and a saddle-stitched binding has. Having something that looks high end will help people to see you as a professional. It gives the printed product authority and shows that you are an industry leader and that you know what you are talking about.

The printing process went well. They found PrintingCenterUSA through a Google search and decided that our reviews were very positive and our prices were fair so they would take a leap and give us a try. Ryan had a few bad experiences with some t-shirts and hats that didn’t turn out right, so printing was a concern for him. There were a few hiccups in the proofing process while they figured out how to make sure that the bleed on their files matched our requirements, but with help from our prepress team we were able to get the files sorted out.

Ryan was very happy that he ended up with a professional looking product that accurately reflects his brand and helps him win new business.

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