Wire-O Binding

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Wire-O Binding is one of the four binding options that we offer at PrintingCenterUSA. While Wire-O is similar to spiral binding, there are significant differences that can make a big impact on your book printing project. Wire-O binding uses a professional-looking looped metal wire which makes it an ideal option for a formal setting, such as a presentation.

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Benefits of Wire-O Binding

  • Pages lay flat when open.Sometimes, you just need to be able to lay a book down and have it lay flat! Perfect Binding does not offer this capability. Saddle Stitch does lay flat, but has a slight “puff” depending on the number of inside pages. Spiral and Wire-O Binding are the only binding types that allow this.
    Some instances in which a wiro bound project might need to lay flat AND look professional are for executive meetings where you are presenting important business information or reports, or if you’re a photographer printing a calendar and want to ensure that the calendar lays flat against the wall.
  • Pages can turn 360 degrees around on themselves.
    This means that when you are flipping through the pages, you can turn the entire book around on itself, so it doesn’t have to take up as much space. This would mean you’re only looking at one page at a time. This is extra convenient if you’re in a crammed conference room reviewing a report or presentation booklet. This feature also prevents information closer to the binding side edge from becoming more difficult to see.
  • It looks professional.
    As opposed to its spiral counterpart, wire-o binding has a much higher professional appeal. Formal presentations that will be viewed by top business executives benefit from wire-o as a binding option the most. This is also a fan favorite amongst photographers printing calendars. This professionalism comes from the sleek, double looped black wire that is used to create the binding.
  • It’s a unique option.
    Wire-o is a great option if you’re trying to create a unique product. Journals and workbooks that use wire-o versus saddle stitch, spiral, or perfect bound will certainly draw a potential customer just by standing out.
  • Easy flipping pages.
    Unlike other binding types, wire-o binding lacks spinal tension when flipping pages. This makes flipping through the pages of a wire-o bound book easier.
  • You can add a clear plastic cover and a black vinyl back.
    If damage to the inside pages of your project is a concern, then we highly recommend adding a clear plastic cover and a black vinyl back to your pricing tool specifications when ordering. This adds an extra level of durability to the project, making the pages bend less, preventing bending or roughing damage at the edge of the pages, and protects the front cover from scratching or scuffing.

Disadvantages of Wire-O Binding

  • The wire is slightly malleable.
    Due to the binding being made out of a thin metal wire, it does have the potential to become slightly bent, especially at the edges of the book. With that being said, you can always maneuver it back into place.
  • Cannot be used for mailing
    If your end goal is to use mailing services to send your project to a client base, like a magazine or catalog, then wire-o is not for you. Try saddle stitch of perfect binding if this is something that your project requires.
  • Crossovers
    Due to the binding and the gap between pages being obtrusive on full two-page image spreads, crossovers are not recommended for wire-o binding.

Popular Wire-O Binding Projects

Journals and Workbooks
Since journals and workbooks are generally used to be written in, wire-o is an excellent option. The pages laying flat and the ability to turn the pages 360 degrees make writing in the project easier than with other binding options. The professionalism provided by wire-o also adds to the potential of selling your product for more money. 

Photography Calendars
It’s always important for photographers to put their best foot forward to help appear as fine-art and professional as possible both visually and functionally. This is why wire-o photography calendars are so popular. They both look more expensive (can be sold at a higher value) and function better than saddle stitch when it comes to lying flat against the wall.

Business Reports
Annual Reports, Business financial reports, development proposals and so much more are ideal candidates for wire-o binding. They allow for you to save space in the conference room during the presentation and they also leave a lasting, professional impression on every viewer. You never know, small things such as this can be the subtle push a potential investor needs to trust your business.

Overall, wire-o binding is an excellent binding option for the right project. If it doesn’t sound like what you’re looking for, then check out Spiral Binding to see if it provides more of what you need. We also have two other binding options: Perfect Binding and Saddle Stitch Binding. As always, give us a call at 800-995-1555 with any questions! We would be happy to mail you a free wire-o sample to help you make your decision.

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