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Are you thinking about creating a custom calendar to promote your business, corporation, profession, school or non-profit organization this year? Ask yourself:

  • What do I want this calendar to accomplish?
  • When do I want it done?
  • How am I going to distribute it?
  • What is my budget?

Here at PrintingCenterUSA, we can help you answer these questions and get you on your way to creating an amazing custom calendar! Tell a year long story with vibrant full color photos and affordable customizable calendars. Get it from your desktop to your doorstep in 4-7 days. Call us at 800.995.1555 if you have any questions regarding your customizable calendar options!

Custom Options

There are many options when it comes to building the perfect calendar for you! But before you get carried away with all of the great designs and photos, pick a size. Our most popular is 8.5″ by 11″ which opens up to be 11″ x 17″.

Paper Options

Our professional quality calendars are printed in vivid full-color on 100# (or 80#) gloss or matte cover that can have a UV coating applied to it. For the inside pages you can choose between 100# or 80# gloss or matte paper. We also offer a 70# uncoated text option. The calendars also include a small 5mm drill hole for easy hanging. You can easily create a 12 month (28 page) or a 16 month (36 page) calendar with our online design tool. Our online pricing tool gives you an instant price after you input all of the custom options you want your calendar to have. It even estimates shipping! Are you ready to order?

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Free Design Help

Our online design tool is fun, easy to use, and perfect for helping you create the affordable photo calendar you’ve been wanting.

Every calendar we print is a custom calendar made by someone just like you. Each individual creates their own special design by customizing colors and shapes, adding coupons, ads, dates of the month for personal occasions, events and more.

We also offer great free templates to help you get started building the perfect calendar using your Adobe Design Software!

Free Downloadable Templates

There are 3 calendar sizes to choose from, 8.5 x 11, 5.5 x 8.5, and 12 x 12. In your download, there are filler pages to add to your calendar if you need additional pages to complete your full design andfile requirements. You can mix and match the calendar using the 3 years available and create a great school year calendar! Double clicking on grid dates allows for easy personalization. There are no additional charges for advertising or having multiple pictures or customizing your calendar.

You’ve got options! If you don’t have your own design software, we can help. You can design using our Free Online Calendar Design Tool. Or if you are feeling overwhelmed or are crunched for time, we have a team of professional designers to help you with your design needs. If your design is already finished, just head online and start your order!

We offer opportunities for great savings with our sponsorship discount programs. Sponsorship programs are available for Non-Profit, Educational and Religious Organizations. Click here to learn more!

Custom Calendars

Everyone is a photographer these days, and it’s easy to get great photos. Brainstorm your ideas and write down all of your inspirations so that you can tell the perfect year long story! Think about what you want to say to your audience and what photos you might use. Ask yourself what information or photos you want to highlight.

Let your imagination and creativity flow! Don’t forget to add little details like the months before and after, or “the year in a glance” at the beginning. You should also consider adding birthdays and important dates so that you don’t have to worry about handwriting them in later!

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Nothing dresses up a wall and gets more attention like an attractive full color wall mounted calendar. Our professional quality calendars are printed in vivid full-color on 100# gloss or matte text (self cover) or add 80# gloss or matte cover paper which can be given an aqueous or UV Gloss Coating and is also drilled with a 5mm small hole for easy hanging. Custom design at a 12 month (28 page) or a 16 month (36 page) calendar easily with our online design tool.

Grab your digital camera and start taking pictures. Consider buying photos if you think you don’t have the time or are worried that your images will be low resolution. You can download great images from online stock photography sites such as Fotolia.com for only a couple of dollars per picture. Plus there are lots of free images out there! (be sure to read their terms and conditions though!)

If you have your design ready in any of the Adobe Suite programs (InDesign, Illustrator or Photoshop), Word or Publisher, simply save the files in PDF format, then get a price, upload your print ready custom files, submit them, OK the proof and we’ll do the rest.

Online Design Tool

Business Promotional Calendars

Use your calendar to help brand your company and promote your business.

We print great quality promotional calendars for business, health and wellness, graphic designers, photographers, museums, religious organizations, real estate and more at wholesale printing prices.

Repetition is the key element in marketing, and a calendar takes full advantage of repetition because it is something your customers will look at every day! Business calendars are great to give to customers or prospects as gifts or hand out in your store, to help brand your company, promote your business, product or service for an entire year.

To a business or organization a calendar is much more than dates and months. It is a functioning advertisement, maximizing exposure for an entire year. What other advertising medium gives you the opportunity to stay in front of your customers that long? Reap the benefits of successful marketing exposure for 12 months.

Non Profit Calendar Printing

Fundraising calendars can help you make your non profit successful. We provide you with all of the necessary ideas, case studies, templates, and how-to information you need to create the perfect calendar for any occasion!

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If you are a non-profit organization, school, education community, government agency, humane society, animal rescue, pet adoption, animal organization, clubs, religious organizations, church, sports team, fire department, police department and need to raise money or funds, our calendar fundraiser is a perfect way for you to promote your organization, tell your story, stay in the public eye year round and most of all raise money.

Print personalized fundraising calendars and raise thousands of dollars for your school or non-profit organization with your own camera ready files or use our pre-designed calendar templates, grids and photo calendar for fundraising. You can also sign up for our Non-Profit Discount Program.

Photography Calendars

Here at PrintingCenterUSA, you can print affordable full page color photos to make your calendar pop! Calendars are a great way to show off full color and full page photos. There are endless options when it comes to what you can do with your calendar, and we can help you every step of the way!

Photography Calendars are great for both amateur and professional photographers to showcase their work. Photographers, business’ and non-profit organizations often use photography calendars to promote in a subtle way their products or services. Communities can showcase their town, historic areas or other specific areas. Plus parents can show off their children’s favorite club sports!

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PrintingCenterUSA provides you with endless options. Upload your finished design or use our online design tool if you want to start from scratch. Just drag and drop your favorite 300 dpi images, from your desktop or Facebook into each month and add your own personalized photos and text to individual calendar dates for birthdays, holidays, parties, events, vacations, anniversaries, and personal occasions. You can also add sponsor ads, coupons and more.

A high quality 11” X 17” poster calendar is the easiest way to build recognition by discreetly placing your name, logo, and branding right under your customers nose. Send a 2016 calendar as a thank you to customers, supporters, or clients.

Other popular photography calendars utilize pictures of art. Scenic photography calendars often include skiing, wildlife, mountains sunsets, marine, fly fishing, holiday & seasonal, hunting, volcanoes, flowers, birds, lighthouses and more. Models and bathing suits are popular subjects for photography calendars. Include local photography or fun images to promote your organization.

Now that you have read all about your custom options for calendar printing, head over to our site to start your order. You’ll be amazed at our prices, and how fast we can get your order to you!

There are endless options when it comes to custom printing, and you aren’t limited to just calendars! We many many more product options for all of your printing needs. Click here to check out all of our custom product options!

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