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Wedding Panic Turned Perfect: How PrintingCenterUSA and a Digital Flipbook Saved the Bride’s Budget and Big Day

Have you ever been in charge of last-minute wedding invitations on a tight budget? If so, you know the feeling of panic, frantically searching for affordable options that don’t sacrifice quality.

My friend was in that exact situation, facing sky-high prices and limited choices at big-box stores. Luckily, I work at PrintingCenterUSA, and we swooped in to save the day! Not only did we offer unbeatable prices and a quick turnaround, but our free digital flipbook also became a lifesaver when a stack of her invitations mysteriously went missing. Here’s how we turned a bridal breakdown into a beautifully shared celebration, proving that even last-minute wedding invitations can be both affordable and unforgettable.

Last-Minute Wedding Invitations

In the beginning the bride was considering a common solution to this situation many have encountered. She had a grand plan to use a pre-made template from Walmart and pop in the professional photos she’d already paid for then print them at the in-store kiosk herself. The idea of using a template sounded perfect and saving money was a big factor for these last-minute invites.

The Bride’s Vision

My friend had a clear vision for her wedding invitations: 300 vibrant, 6″x4″ landscape postcards, printed in full color on both sides of thick, 14 pt. gloss cover stock. With the wedding just a few months away, she also needed a fast turnaround time of 3 business days.

With her heart set on this vision, she started comparing prices at various printers, hoping to find a way to make her dream a reality without breaking the bank.

Competitive Pricing

After spending too long at the Walmart kiosk, the price alone left her feeling discouraged. “I know I need a lot of invites, but why is it so expensive for just a postcard?” she asked. I love my friend, but her suggestion of printing with Walmart, Staples, or Walgreens seemed silly when I work at a place like PrintingCenterUSA. I knew she could get a better price at PCUSA, so we went home and started comparing prices. Below are the same invite specifications compared across different printing options.

With PrintingCenterUSA, I showed her that all of her invites could be printed for less than any of the common alternatives. Not only was the total cost significantly lower at $116.27, but the per-unit price of .39 cents was a steal compared to the competition. This incredible value allowed her to stay well within her budget, a crucial factor for a bride already facing unexpected expenses.

With PrintinCenterUSA I showed her that all of her invites could be printed for less than any of the common alternatives.

She paid $116.27 total with a unit price of .39 cents. For wedding invitation costs that is unbeatable especially for a future bride.

Price is most customers biggest pain point when it comes to seasonal or uncommon printing like last-minute wedding invites, yearbooks, or any project with a strict budget and timeline.

Note: Prices subject to change

Flip the Script on Wedding Invites: How a Digital Flipbook Postcard Saved the Day!

What happens when you’re 30 invites short with just a few weeks left before the wedding? It’s kind of a nightmare that makes any bride or designer break out in a cold sweat. We sent in another order right away and that was when I introduced the bride to our secret weapon, the free digital flipbook.

I showed her how to get the flipbook from her account on PrintingCenterUSA. Afterwards she started emailing, texting, and sharing the link with all the guests who didn’t receive their physical invitation yet. The digital flipbook made it easy for them to view the invitation and RSVP.

The digital flipbook is so much more than a quick fix to your last-minute wedding invitations. Paper gets lost or tossed but your digital flipbook never expires and will be a lifelong digital keepsake for futures to come. Imagine showing your grandchildren your digital wedding invitation in 2060 when they get married.

Get creative! There are endless ways to use your flipbook for your events and more!

Every customer who purchases a publication product from PrintingCenterUSA receives a complimentary digital flipbook! Read more about our digital flipbooks here.

Check out this bride’s digital flipbook below.

Let US Help YOU!

At PrintingCenterUSA, we know beautiful invitations don’t have to break the bank. Whether you need a quick print job, custom layout help, or a last-minute wedding invitation, we’ve got you covered. Don’t overspend on your big day! Let us help you create invitations that are affordable and unforgettable.

Can PrintingCenterUSA Help with Layout Design?

Yes we can! PCUSA is now offering design and layout services, read more here.

If you are creative in your own mind but not sure where to start on your next design, visit our templates page on the website to check out some of our free downloadable adobe templates for wedding programs. They are cohesive, easy to use, and will save you time. Use our free online design tool to start with a blank template that you can just add in your photos and text to without the hassle of bleed, size, and other common print problems.

Don’t have Adobe apps and don’t want to design it yourself? Don’t worry! If you are someone looking for layout services for your next print project, give us a call and get your quote today at 1(800)995-1555!

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