What is Saddle-Stitched?

Saddle-stitching means that the sheets of paper in your booklet or calendar project are going to bound together with staples. Compared to other binding styles like Wire-O or Spiral binding, the saddle-stitching is popular because it is cost effective and subtle. A Spiral or Wire-O binding is very visible but staples are hardly noticed.

When we saddle-stitch a document the page count has to be evenly divisible by four. In the image below there are two sheets of paper. One sheet is stacked on top of the second sheet and then they are stapled in the middle and folded together. You can see that this causes a total of eight pages. 

It’s important to remember that when you have a product saddle-stitched the page count must be evenly divisible by four.

Saddle Stitch Collated

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