Smart Secrets for Building Event Programs


You know what isn’t a secret? Programs can make money for your school or organization. A huge part of this is the advertising that is associated with this item. Advertising can be sold to business’ to cover the cost of the program and add a nice profit to your bottom line! Not only are you creating an program that is beneficial, but you also become a prime source of ad space that sponsors are going to want to take advantage of. But sponsors and advertising are not the only things you need to build a program that works for your event. No matter what kind of program you are printing we will give you our top secrets for building successful and inexpensive event programs.

Recitals: Dance, Ballet

Dance Recital Programs


Pageants: Beauty, Child, Scholarship, Bathing Suit

Pageant Programs

Sporting Events: Football, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, Wrestling, Swimming, Volley Ball, Cheerleading, Track & Field, Hockey, Marching Band, Lacrosse, Softball, Rugby, Boxing, Ice Skating, Triathlon, Roller Derby, Horse Shows, Rodeos, Car Shows, Racing

Sports Programs


Event Programs: Art Exhibits, Cinema, Theatre, Concert, Music, Fundraising, Plays,
Conference, Convention, Trade Shows

Event Programs

Don’t forget Wedding Program Photobooks

Funeral Program Photobooks!


All you need is a digital camera and a computer. We recommend showcasing a picture or collage of photos on the cover of your program best describing your event.  Take your own photos or use a collection from parents or attendees. Another great way to get photos to supplement your programs is to buy photos from stock photo sites, or find a site that gives you photos for free! To save money, you can design the program yourself or let students or associates create their own event program. We also have an easy online designer to get you started and it’s FREE.

Remember that a good resolution for printing photos is 300 dpi (dots per inch). Anything below will print pixelated. Most images displayed on a monitor has a resolution between 72 dpi and 96 dpi, which means it may look great on your monitor but will not look great when printed. To ensure the quickest turnaround time, check your files against our file requirements.

File Requirements


You and your fellow program designers can take current digital pictures, gather digital pictures and or have fellow students, associates, etc. gather pictures that will enhance your program. We feel that these types of photos get the best results:

Individuals, coaches, players, participants, etc. Teams, groups, classes, staff, teachers, cheerleaders. Activities, action pictures, products, whatever you want to convey, etc. Pictures from previous years’ or other past events.
Liven up with people in funny situations and funny sayings to go with the picture. Events, places or things that relate to your cause or organization. Points of interest, such as people, landmarks, etc. from your school, organization, community, sports team, etc. Audience or participants having a good time participating.


If your event is an annual or bi-annual occurrence, using photos from the the previous event is effective and could even be a better way to excite people about attending this years event! Then the hard part is over when it comes to photographs. Just remember to take photos during this years game or fundraiser or whatever so you have easy access to material for next year!


Whether is it For Social, Pageant, Recital And Business Event Programs, including the right kind of pages is necessary for achieving program success! No matter what kind of event program you are using, there are countless pages you can use!


Table of Contents  

Map of Location




Contributing and Important Individuals


Team and Group Photos


Plus don’t forget History, Important Information, Accomplishments, Individual speakers or participants pictures and bios, Schedule οf events, Thank you page, Testimonials page, Schedule of Events and More!

Quick TipDon’t forget to add Filler Pages! Programs are a saddle stitched booklet. Page counts have to be divisible by 4. (8, 12, 16, 20, 24 and so on). We have ideas that make great filler pages to help you make your program the right number of pages. Why not include an extra page for information about your event? Or a “rules of the game” page that explains to your audience what is happening? Another page we recommend is a statistics page or records page that shows past scores or puts this specific event in perspective with similar events happening around the country. You can even add an autograph page that is great for dance recital programs or sporting events, even concerts!

Free Templates

And that is it! You got our smart secrets and our quick tips to make this years event program the best one yet. It all boils down to organization and choosing the right printer. With PrintingCenterUSA, you not only get all the tools you need to design, you get exceptional customer service and printing experts. We can get the job done with a professional quality that won’t break the bank. That’s a secret we don’t want to stay quiet! We have affordable prices for all of your printing needs. So go ahead- spread the word!

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