Your Easy Guide For Printing A Quarterly Magazine Publication

Thinking about printing a quarterly magazine publication?Magazine printing is a great marketing tool because it’s usually a print material that consumers actually want to read. Plus, magazines are effective and versatile for a variety of uses.

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Businesses, schools, education programs, financial services, government organizations, writers, churches and more can all benefit from printing a magazine and distributing it to their target audience. If you and your business or organization are considered knowledgeable experts in your field, then use your magazine to educate consumers. At PrintingCenterUSA, we love printing magazines because they are an excellent and cost-effective way to use description and visual information as a reference material.

Printing a quarterly magazine publication is affordable, convenient to read, and can be something your readers want to keep and share! Whatever you use your magazine for, whether it’s articles, graphics and images, features of interests and upcoming events, advertisements and more – we’ve got some tips on how to get started with yours.

5 Tips For Printing A Quarterly Magazine Publication

All types of businesses and organizations can benefit from printing magazine publications as both an educational and promotional tool, which in turn will help them boost the return on their marketing investments. Read on for a little more about how to get the most out of your next print order.

Show Off Your Products & Information

The first thing you can use your quarterly magazine for is to simply show off your products or fill it with information. A compelling magazine will typically include content that will establish you as an industry thought leader and educate readers about what your brand or company is all about.

This could include articles or interviews that provide some expert insight on what you’re passionate about, or include upcoming trends in your industry. If you’re a nonprofit, maybe the focus of your magazine could educate potential donors about your causes, and include advertisements and promotional materials to help you raise money for your cause.

The key to providing a magazine that people really want to read is a balance of good information, marketing content, and compelling design and images to keep them engaged.

Sell Ads In Your Magazine

Magazines are effective because they are an efficient way to reach broad audiences of consumers in fun and engaging ways. One strategy that we always encourage when organizations are looking at the idea of printing a quarterly magazine publication is to make money off of it by selling advertising space to partnering businesses. Not only does this make you seem connected with the community, but it’s an easy way to earn funding towards the initial printing costs.

Partnering with complementing companies is a great way to add more value to your publication and off course give value to customers.

Use Big, Bold Pictures

One big tip we want to give you before we discuss content is to make sure you use compelling images. Don’t use blurry or low-resolution camera phone images, go the extra mile and use high quality photography. People will look at your images first before they read the content, and you don’t want to turn off buyers before they hear about how great you are.

You’ve heard that a picture is worth 1000 words, and that’s just as true with a magazine publication.

Include Quality Content

A good magazine is set apart from the competition by its content. Are you giving readers what they want? We mentioned it above, but you want a mix of imagery, design, text, and advertisements in order to create a well-balanced magazine that consumers will actually want to purchase or have around as a reference.

Include information about your company or organization, ways to contact you if needed, and of course information about your products or business. You’ve read good magazines before. What drew you in? Was it the articles? Maybe it was fun quizzes that kept you engaged. Maybe it was interviews about people you respect. Whatever you’re drawn to, chances are, your consumers will be looking for similar things.

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Print With PrintingCenterUSA

If you want high quality magazines at affordable prices, then printing with PrintingCenterUSA is a no brainer. We can help you boost your ROI with cheap printing prices. Especially if you’re ordering in bulk, we have amazing prices and we can even expedite the delivery of your magazines with the expertise of our in-house mailing center.


{{cta(‘a7d55044-d7e9-46e4-85d4-590c4b4da85c’,’justifycenter’)}}We want to help you with every step of the process, including design and layout. It’s our mission to provide great service and better products, and that includes helping out small businesses. You’ll see the difference that our cutting-edge short run digital and color offset printing presses can provide from other companies, and our mailing center enables entrepreneurs to reach their audience quickly and efficiently.

No matter what your business is, no matter the goal of your organization, we have magazine printing solutions to help you build your company with competitive printing prices that won’t break the bank.

Fast, Easy & Affordable

Our slogan is fast, easy, and affordable. That means we have some of the fastest turnaround times in the country. Plus, with our state-of-the-art printing center, we always ensure that we meet pleasing color standards. We have a strict proofing process to make sure every page is quality checked for you.

The experts here at PrintingCenterUSA are committed to keeping costs low. Perfect bound and saddle stitch are the most popular binding options for magazines. Whatever you need, we’ve got you covered.

It means a lot to us that you are 100% satisfied with your order, which is why our Customer Service Representatives are on standby ready to help you get exactly what you want.

We’d love to make sure your magazine is perfect every time you order with us – so get started today!

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