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From Hobby to Successful Nature Photography Business: The Carol DiQuilio Story

Carol DiQuilio has always been involved with photography, from her days working in darkrooms to her career in graphic design. When she retired, her life-long hobby of photographing birds and mammals blossomed into something more than just a pastime. In the heart of the Texan wilderness, Carol found her true calling, founding Carol’s Nature Photography, a small business dedicated to capturing and showcasing the beauty and personalities of animals.

Harnessing the Power of Photography

In her seven years of professional photography, Carol has traveled extensively through State Parks and wilderness areas, aiming to capture unique wildlife shots. She uses her photos to create stunning calendars, books, notecards, and other products that offer glimpses into the diverse Texas ecosystem. Her “Wildlife of Texas” calendars and her recently published book about fox cubs have become her best sellers, speaking volumes about her talent and the appeal of her subject matter.

Carol not only sells beautiful calendars and photo books, but also matted prints, metal prints, custom cards & postcards, magnets, puzzles and even custom photo retouching.

The Role of PrintingCenterUSA

The journey wasn’t without its challenges. When Carol first started printing her “Wildlife of Texas” calendars back in 2017, finding a company offering high-quality printing at reasonable prices was a daunting task. A fellow photographer’s recommendation led her to Printing Center USA, a company that quickly became her trusted partner.

Carol has nothing but praise for Printing Center USA’s services. The user-friendly templates on their website streamline the process of laying out her calendars each year, and she can always count on getting a helpful human voice on the phone whenever she has questions or concerns.

A New Chapter: The Fox Cubs Book

With many people asking for a book about the gray fox family living on her property, Carol had been considering the idea of publishing a book for a while. However, the task seemed quite intimidating with over 120 photos of the fox family going into a book! An opportune email from PrintingCenterUSA about a sale on book publishing was the nudge she needed to embark on this new venture, to finally publish “Growing up as Gray Fox Cubs”.

Carol set to work on her book and let PrintingCenterUSA work their magic. She was thoroughly impressed with the final product, with the color and vibrancy of the photos perfectly captured in the high-quality print. The book turned out to be a tremendous success, and she’s incredibly grateful for taking the plunge.

A Bright Future

Carol’s journey demonstrates how a retirement hobby can evolve into a thriving business. Her yearly calendars now have a loyal following not just in Texas but across the country. Her story stands as a testament to the power of passion and the importance of finding reliable partners like Printing Center USA.

The nature photographer is grateful for the unbeatable combination of quality, customer service, and pricing that Printing Center USA offers. She looks forward to creating more stunning wildlife photography products, and we can’t wait to see what she captures next!

Visit Carol’s Nature Photography to immerse yourself in her stunning work and join her in celebrating the beauty of nature.

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