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Wilderness Whisperer: A Photographer’s Journey to Print Success

Martha Ture – Mt. Tamalpais Photos Success Series

From the peaks of Mt. Tamalpais to the vast expanses of untouched wilderness, Martha Ture’s camera lens has captured moments that few have witnessed. Her deep-rooted connection with the natural world is not just about photography; it’s a dialogue, an understanding, a bond that has shaped her life’s purpose.

Nature’s Whisperer

This deep connection Martha holds with the environment isn’t merely a trait; it’s a legacy. From childhood whispers with birds to the lens capturing majestic scenes, her passion has always been evident, pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a photographer in touch with the wild. “I’ve had the power to communicate with birds and animals since childhood. After a career in government, I began photographing nature and wildlife on the grounds that it was my calling, and my time had come. As it happened, quite a few people agreed with me, and the wildlife welcomed me back.” – Martha Ture

Shifting Lenses: From Government to the Great Outdoors

In the structured hallways of government offices, Martha felt a different rhythm calling her. While her career in government was fulfilling, the melodies of the wilderness were impossible to ignore. Answering that call, Martha transitioned from the world of policy-making to capturing nature’s policies – the raw, unscripted moments when the sun kisses the horizon or when a bird takes its first flight.

It was more than just a career switch. It was a return to her first love, to the dialogues she had with nature since her youth. As she traded briefcases for camera bags and policy drafts for photo edits, Martha rediscovered her purpose. And as her website reveals, it was a journey worth every frame.

Crafting the Perfect Shot: From Click to Print

Martha’s photography printing journey has always been driven by her innate connection to the wild. But it’s her thoughtful approach to presenting her work that truly makes her stand out. From capturing the beauty of the wilderness to strategically presenting it, her methodical approach is a blend of passion and precision:

  1. Curating Candidates: Throughout the year, every photograph captured might be the one. Martha diligently maintained a collection of these potential memories, each vying for a spot in her annual calendar.
  2. The July Cull: When mid-year strikes, she begins the immersive process. Delving deep into her collection, she selects pictures based on color, subject, composition, and most importantly, what she personally would want to cherish day after day.
  3. Setting Tangible Targets: Each printed piece has a purpose. By setting clear sales goals and refining her strategy based on past experiences, Martha ensures that each calendar, card, or book finds a home.
  4. Engaging Digitally: Martha’s relationship with her audience isn’t just annual; it’s daily. Through regular social media posts and engagement, she fosters a community of loyal followers and friends.
  5. Personalized Marketing: Understanding the importance of personal touch, Martha sends out emails with direct links to her products. It’s her way of letting her core audience know – they aren’t just customers; we are a community, and we’re all in this together.

Targeting the Heart: Strategizing Success

And when it comes to resonating with her audience, Martha’s segmentation strategy ensures her work touches the right hearts:

  1. Past and present colleagues, the ones who’ve seen her evolve.
  2. Those bound by urban constraints, yearning for a touch of the wild.
  3. Lovers of art and beauty, who appreciate the detail in every shot.
  4. Her digital family – social media followers who make every post worth it.
  5. The ever-growing community of nature enthusiasts, seeking authenticity in every frame.

Strategic Planning and Precision in Print

Martha’s intent is clear-cut – to make every printed piece count. She isn’t just looking to get her works printed; she’s strategic about it. “For these calendars, the dream outcome is to sell them all at my chosen price point,” she shares.

Based on her past experiences, she’s become adept at anticipating demand. “Last year, I overestimated probable sales,” Martha recalls, “So this year, I reduced the print quantity.” This level of adaptability shows she’s not only about the art but the business of it.

Digital Dialogues and Building an Engaged Community

Her daily habit of posting at least one photo on her social media platforms is more than just sharing – it’s about engagement. She encourages her followers to interact, ask questions, and share their thoughts. By replying to every comment and answering every query, she’s not just building a brand, but a community. “When I launch a new product,” Martha notes, “I already have an eager base of friends and colleagues waiting for the announcement.” Her approach, methodical and genuine, has led to over 90% of her sales occurring online.

Personal Touches in Digital Marketing

Apart from her active social media engagement, Martha relies heavily on direct communication. She sends out personalized emails to potential buyers, complete with a flipbook link to the product and a comprehensive list of payment options. This method ensures her audience doesn’t just feel like customers but valued members of her artistic journey.

Print’s Power in Branding

Choosing the right medium was crucial. For Martha, books and greeting cards were intimate, but calendars were transformational. They allowed her admirers to journey with her throughout the year, making each day a new adventure. In PrintingCenterUSA, she found a partner who understood her brand’s essence, ensuring her photography printing resonated with her vision.

“Having a book to share, or a calendar to see every day, keeps my name and my work in people’s lives in a good way. It’s rather like having a favorite band’s tracks on your playlist.”

Martha’s choice in PrintingCenterUSA was rooted in alignment. When glitches arose, she experienced first-hand the company’s dedication to finding solutions. This partnership was less about transactions and more about fostering mutual growth. “I have ordered calendars from PrintingCenterUSA twice now, my 2023 calendar was so well done that I returned to them for my 2024 calendar as well.” – Martha Ture

Embracing Impeccability with PrintingCenterUSA

When it comes to curating a visual narrative, every detail matters, and no one understands this better than Martha Ture. “My name is on it. It has to be impeccable. My viewers expect nothing less,” she articulates. For Martha, excellence isn’t just a goal; it’s an intrinsic value.

Entrusting her visions with PrintingCenterUSA wasn’t just a decision of convenience but of confidence. Recognizing the unmatched dedication of the PrintingCenterUSA team, she affirms, “It’s paramount to have the highest quality, professional, competent, and cooperative team on my side, and PrintingCenterUSA has consistently proven itself.”

Yet, as with nature’s ever-evolving tapestry, Martha’s artistry is also in flux. Teasing about her upcoming venture, she cryptically shares, “I’m working on a new project and keeping it under wraps until its completion.” While she remains tight-lipped on specifics, one thing is for sure: her next move will undoubtedly be another reflection of her deep bond with nature.

In her journey, PrintingCenterUSA has been more than just a service provider – it’s been a collaborator. “So far, you’ve done right by me, and I anticipate this unwavering standard to continue,” Martha confidently states.

Featured Artist Pick and Success Spotlight

Martha Ture exemplifies passion and precision in her photographic journey. Recognizing her exceptional work, she stands as a Featured Artist Pick at PrintingCenterUSA. One of her captivating images has been chosen for our official 2024 Calendar, which showcases standout photographers and is distributed nationwide within our sample packs.

Martha’s journey, enhanced by our printing expertise, paints a vivid picture of what happens when creativity meets quality. For those eager to immerse themselves further into Martha’s world, she warmly invites everyone to explore her digital abode, Mt. Tamalpais Photos, and engage with her vibrant community on Facebook.

Feel inspired? Martha’s story is a chapter in our Success Series. If you’re ready to share your story and shine, join us in our Free Marketing Programs and let your journey take center stage.

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