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Hazelton Photography Case Study

Caitlin Hazelton is the owner of Hazelton Photography and she specializes in wedding photography. After photographing over 300 weddings I would say that she is an expert! One sales tool that she routinely uses is a booklet because it contains the answers to frequently asked questions, examples of her work, information about pricing and much more!

Caitlin uses this booklet as a guide to her wedding photography services. At the start of the booklet she talks about her style and she provides some client testimonials. Then it progresses into what clients should expect from her company. Each page features examples of her photography. She also lists plans and pricing throughout the booklet. After the client meeting is over she gives the booklet to the potential clients. This gives them the opportunity to think about which plan they want to use for their wedding.

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Even though she specializes in weddings, Caitlin also offers other photography services like newborn and portrait photography. She did not include any information about those services in this booklet. This is an important aspect of this sales tool. If someone books an appointment with her to discuss their upcoming wedding, she doesn’t want to give them information about newborn photography or portrait sessions. She only wants to talk with her customers about services that they are interested in. Later when she knows them better she can discuss her other services but at an initial meeting she doesn’t want to overwhelm her new customers with too much information. This booklet only talks about her wedding photography services. She is planning on printing some smaller booklets that talk about her other services but hasn’t started the design work for those booklets yet.

When starting a project like this Caitlin recommends using a template to design the project. She purchased a template online and used Photoshop to complete the design work. Unless you are an experienced designer starting with a blank white page can be intimidating. A template gives you a nice starting place and can help you get a nice looking design finished quickly with minimal effort. If you don’t like the layout of a template, you can move elements around until you are happy with it. Working with a template can help you determine how much information to include in your booklet as well. Changing the page count on your project can have a significant impact on the printing price, it’s important to get that information when you start the design work so that you can remain within budget.

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Using a booklet as a sales tool can positively impact your new customer hire rate. A booklet that is well designed will show examples of the work or services you provide. It can contain information about your plans and pricing. Customers like booklets because it gives them something to refer back to. Caitlin Hazelton uses booklets as a sales tool and it has a positive impact on her business.

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