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Art & Heart: A 10-Year Story of Photography and Poetry with Fran & Jill Darling

In the heart of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, a captivating tale of artistry and family unfolds. Fran & Jill Darling, a dynamic mother-daughter duo, have spent the past decade transforming their shared love for photography and poetry into a successful business. With the unwavering support of PrintingCenterUSA, they have brought the enchanting landscapes of their beloved region to life, one calendar at a time. Their journey is a testament to the power of passion, creativity, and the right partnership.

Meet Fran & Jill Darling: The Mother-Daughter Duo

Fran, a retired Educational Technology Coordinator, and Jill, a Composition and Creative Writing professor, have always shared a love for the stunning landscapes of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. After years of capturing breathtaking photos, they decided to create calendars that showcased the region’s natural beauty and cultural landmarks.

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Fran and Jill Darling

Transforming Passion into Business

“I originally made the calendars to show what life was like here through the seasons,” Fran explains. “After retiring, taking classes at Northern Michigan University helped me improve my photography skills and capture the essence of a scene.”

Showcasing Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

The calendars feature a unique blend of Fran’s captivating photos and Jill’s original poems, creating a truly immersive experience for viewers. “We work together to create the final product,” Jill says. “I spend time with the images and add poems that evoke the emotions and stories behind each scene.”

Fran and Jill Darling
Fran and Jill Darling

Finding the Perfect Printing Partner

When it came to printing, Fran and Jill turned to PrintingCenterUSA. “I found PrintingCenterUSA through an internet search,” Fran recalls. “Their costs were manageable, and their overall product information and materials pack was a big help in making my decision.”

10 Years of Exceptional Quality and Service

The duo has been consistently impressed with PrintingCenterUSA’s quality, reliability, and customer service over the past 10 years. “The quality was far beyond what I had been receiving at my previous printer,” Fran says. “Paper, print quality, and binding were top-notch. Their staff is so helpful and professional. This year’s order was no exception.”

Navigating the Calendar Creation Tool

PrintingCenterUSA’s Calendar Creation Tool also proved invaluable for Fran and Jill, who are not graphic designers. “The tool was the key to getting it all presentable,” Fran explains. “Your editor and service staff were also very helpful, and their Final Proof info was a lifesaver.”

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Expanding Beyond Calendars

With PrintingCenterUSA’s support, Fran and Jill have expanded their business to include note cards, postcards, and prints. “The calendars are a mainstay of my business,” Fran says. “It’s the way I network with folks annually.”

Connecting with Customers through Art

The calendars have been a hit with customers, who appreciate the unique combination of photography, poetry, and personal connection to the region. “Overall customer reaction is very positive,” Fran says. “People like them and many buy them annually, especially to send to their own children and grandchildren who have since moved out of the area.”

A Decade of Success and Future Plans

Fran and Jill are thrilled with the success of their calendars and plan to continue sharing their passion for Michigan’s beauty with the world. “I’m not looking to do more marketing in a big way,” Fran says, “but to keep catering to previous customers and slightly expanding my outreach.”

Why Choose PrintingCenterUSA

Thanks to their decade-long partnership with PrintingCenterUSA, Fran and Jill Darling have turned their love for photography and poetry into a thriving business that captures the heart and soul of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

If you’re looking for high-quality printing services and exceptional customer support, PrintingCenterUSA is the perfect partner for you.

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