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Seasons in Time: The Calendar Artistry of Craig Sterken


In the diverse landscapes of Michigan, where lakes shimmer and seasons transition vividly, the artistry of Craig Sterken takes center stage. A native of Michigan, Craig and his wife navigate the state’s vast terrains, embracing everything it generously offers to an enthusiastic photographer.

Craig’s passion is rooted in landscape and nature photography. The shores of Lake Michigan and Lake Superior have served as both his muse and classroom, guiding his focus from ever-changing icy lighthouses in winter to autumn leaves gracing the riverbanks of the Upper Peninsula. Each scene is a moment frozen in time, capturing the ethereal beauty of Michigan’s ever-changing landscapes.

Beyond merely capturing these moments, Craig is dedicated to sharing them. He offers a range of products, from photography calendars to high-quality metal prints and canvases, and more, all showcasing Michigan’s beauty for homes and offices. He also lends his voice and expertise through freelance writing, guest blogging, notably for the ‘Pure Michigan’ campaign, and his works have adorned magazines, calendars, and walls in various establishments, a testament to his growing reputation.

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At the core, Craig Sterken isn’t just a photographer; he’s Michigan’s storyteller, capturing and sharing its tales one frame at a time.

A Dedication Beyond Ordinary

Ask him what truly sets him apart, and Craig’s answer underscores a dedication that’s rare. “I spend countless hours outdoors, not just searching for the perfect frame but also awaiting the ideal conditions,” he states. This commitment often finds him braving rain, snow, and heat, a sacrifice he willingly makes to ensure each shot is unique.

In a digital age, the timeless allure of printed materials hasn’t been lost on Craig. Partnering with PrintingCenterUSA for photography calendar printing, he’s ventured into creating physical memories for enthusiasts. “I recently discovered your company when I was on the lookout for a reliable printer for my annual Michigan calendar,” Craig notes, “A friend told me about you. The calendars are terrific so I’m glad I found you!” His choice has been validated by the overwhelming positive feedback he’s received for these printed materials.

Marketing Magic: The Strategy Behind Craig Sterken’s Success

While Craig Sterken’s images beautifully frame nature, connecting them with the right audience takes more than just a lens. Behind the imagery lies a carefully crafted strategy, centered on marketing and keen understanding of his audience. A strategy that beautifully complements the artist’s touch with a businessman’s savvy.

Social media stands at the core of Craig’s business strategy. “It has been pivotal for growth,” he acknowledges. However, it’s not without its challenges. The nuances of navigating the digital realm, discerning what resonates with the audience, has been a learning journey. “What appeals to me might differ from the buyers,” he observes. Before placing prints in any business setting, Craig smartly gauges public sentiment on social media platforms. This approach ensures the choices are aligned with popular tastes while maintaining his unique touch. “I’ve learned to get a feel for what the public thinks of the image first on social media.”

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The choice of images, especially for his calendars, is thoughtful. “I avoid repetition. Each photo must captivate throughout the year,” Craig explains. While he possesses a rich collection of autumn images, slotting them into the Michigan October frame is a challenge. “Selecting one among many is always tough,” he muses.

Target Audience and Vision

As for who he’s speaking to through his art? “It’s for anyone desiring a slice of Michigan in their space,” Craig mentions. This includes homeowners looking to infuse a touch of natural elegance or offices aiming for a sophisticated look with wall-sized murals. Witnessing his photos come alive in such grand scales is both a humbling and exhilarating experience for Craig.

Printed Treasures and Their Impact

Craig’s artistic portfolio extends well beyond traditional photography. It encompasses a spectrum: from Michigan-shaped stickers to calendars, bookmarks, note cards, and the sought-after fridge magnets. “The print variety I offer is vast,” Craig says. Among these, the calendars, freshly minted from PrintingCenterUSA, have elicited enthusiasm. “They’re selling quickly, and the feedback has been heartening,” he shares, highlighting how quality combined with versatile options adds a sheen to the product, elevating customer experience.

Why PrintingCenterUSA?

Craig’s choice of PrintingCenterUSA isn’t just a business decision, but a testament to shared values of quality and customer-centricity. “The blend of product variety, cost-effectiveness, and superior quality drew me in,” he says, further appreciating the personalized customer service.

When prompted about his overarching dream, leveraging these printed materials, Craig is contemplative. And while he ponders the future, the present is dominated by his social media marketing strategy. He considers emails for reaching out to previous customers but treads cautiously. “The last thing I want is to come off as spammy,” he asserts, always putting the sentiments and interests of his patrons first.

In Craig Sterken, the balance is evident. An artist’s soul, passionate about capturing nature’s finest moments, married to the astute insights of a marketer. Together, they shape a narrative of success, built on a foundation of dedication, quality, and understanding the pulse of his audience.

Featured Artist Pick and Success Spotlight

Craig Sterken’s artistry in capturing the heart and soul of Michigan hasn’t gone unnoticed. As a token of our appreciation for his outstanding work, PrintingCenterUSA proudly spotlights him as a Featured Artist. His captivating image showcasing Michigan’s Lake Superior has secured a distinguished spot in our 2024 Calendar, shared with businesses and prospective clients nationwide through our sample packs.

Craig’s tale, amplified by our top-tier photography calendar printing service, is a testament to the magic that unfolds when talent is paired with the right tools. Step into Craig’s world by browsing his online gallery, where Michigan comes to life in every frame, and join the buzz around his work on various social media platforms.

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