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Subscription Box Success: Unpacking The Story of Tiny Values Book Printing Strategy

In the world of business, success stories often start with partnerships built on quality and trust. Here at PrintingCenterUSA, we’re proud to facilitate our clients’ visions, helping to transform their dreams into tangible realities. Today, we’d like to share one such inspiring journey with you.

Join us as Jazmin from PrintingCenterUSA sits down for a conversation with Angelique Reisch, a former Pixar artist and now the passionate founder of Tiny Values, a creative and impactful children’s subscription box service.

Jazmin: Hi Angelique, it’s wonderful to have this conversation with you. Can you introduce us to Tiny Values?

Angelique: Hi Jazmin, I’m thrilled to share our story. Tiny Values is a monthly subscription box that makes teaching children important values like kindness, courage, and independence easy and fun. Each box is themed around a value and includes a beautiful children’s book, a hands-on funbook, thoughtful exercises, unique craft projects, and a surprise toy. It’s our way of helping parents instill these important values in their children and help them grow into kind, resilient, and confident individuals.

Jazmin: That’s an amazing concept! Who is your main target audience, and how has this influenced the design and content of your boxes?

Angelique: My main target audience is moms with children ages 5 to 8 years old. It’s always been important to me to keep the box and materials very stylish and well-designed. The yellow was chosen for happiness and the black so the contrast is bold. We’re teaching our children to be courageous, confident, and resilient, it’s important to me that the branding and packaging reinforce those big, bold goals! We also love to encourage creativity and designed it so the boxes and Funbooks look like a child picked them up and drew fun doodles on them.

For content, knowing this product is for busy moms, I made everything very easy for them. For the crafts, all of the materials they need are included, and completing the projects is so fun! The Funbooks are designed to be visually beautiful and to spark interesting conversations with their children.  The Table Talk cards are intended to start a dialog about values in their homes. The books are carefully selected for their ability to tell a relatable story about the value. We even include a surprise toy when the kids finish each box to encourage the learning process even further and make it exciting! 

Jazmin: What led you to seek out printing services, and why did you choose PrintingCenterUSA?

Angelique: As a new small business, I needed to find a printing company who had prices that fit my tiny budget, but printing quality that looked high-end. One of my goals for Tiny Values is to provide the highest quality experience for my customers. I’ve never ordered printing products at such a large scale before, so I was looking for a company who made the ordering process easy to understand and who made me feel confident that my materials would be printed properly. Additionally, as a subscription box company, I have extremely tight deadlines that have to be hit each month, there’s no room for error. I needed a company who could deliver high-quality, cost-effective products consistently each month. 

Jazmin: Angelique, when did you launch Tiny Values, and how has the journey with PrintingCenterUSA evolved since then?

Angelique: I launched Tiny Values on World Kindness Day, November 13, 2021. I’m a small business owner, so the first time I ordered several hundred dollars in printing I was so nervous! PrintingCenterUSA made the ordering process so easy though. Being able to see the digital flipbook and approve my proof made me feel very confident that the final product would be printed correctly. I was so impressed when I opened my first box of Tiny Values Funbooks! They were more beautiful than I had even hoped. Since then, I’ve ordered almost every month and now I don’t worry at all anymore. I know they’ll be beautifully printed and arrive in plenty of time to meet my tight delivery deadlines. 

Jazmin: Can you describe your experience working with our team?

Angelique: After scouring the internet and comparing printing prices and companies, PrintingCenterUSA’s spiral bound books were the perfect fit for my Tiny Values funbooks for their size, quality, and price. I felt very confident about ordering from PrintingCenterUSA because they made their art guidelines very clear and because they were so quick to answer my questions. Having a pdf proof and an instant proof gave me the peace of mind to know that the Tiny Values Funbooks would look amazing with properly printed margins and vibrant colors for the kiddos! 

Jazmin: Angelique, let’s delve a bit more into the ‘why’. What was the key driving force behind establishing Tiny Values, and why did you choose the subscription box model for your business?

Angelique: I wanted to create something special that would help me teach my daughter and son values like kindness, gratitude, and courage in a fun, creative way. So, I used my Pixar background to curate books and projects creating this imaginative character education curriculum. I saw such a huge transformation in my own children’s behavior that I just had to share it! If we can instill these important values in all of our children from a young age, I truly believe we can change the world. 

I chose the subscription box model because I love the idea of families spending a month focusing on one value and building on those values over a year. At the end of the first year of the curriculum, children will have learned, practiced, and exemplified twelve incredibly important values (Kindness, Courage, Gratitude, Love, Confidence, Imagination, Self-Control, Resilience, Friendship, Empathy, Patience, and Independence.) Thank you PrintingCenterUSA for all that you do to help Tiny Values spread these values in the world every day! 

Jazmin: We always strive for customer satisfaction. Can you share some of the positive outcomes of our collaboration?

Angelique: Oh my goodness, I’m not sure I could have made it through my first year of Tiny Values without PrintingCenterUSA! They weren’t just a company, they were like having another part of the Tiny Values team! Every month we ordered new books based on that month’s value, checked our proof, and got our flawless Funbooks delivered on (or ahead) of the scheduled date. 

Their competitive prices enable me to maintain the margins I need to while still providing a very high-quality printed product for my customers. The kids love their Tiny Values Funbooks! 

Jazmin: You’ve touched on how our team has been able to address some of the challenges you’ve faced. Could you expand on what makes the PrintingCenterUSA service stand out for you?

Angelique: When you’re ordering several hundred printed items there are a multitude of things to check and double check to make sure everything is correct. PrintingCenterUSA’s thoughtful attention to detail sets them far above the competition. 

One month, I was moving so fast that I missed an error in one of our books when I approved my proof. Before printing hundreds of books, a very kind PrintingCenterUSA employee, Natalia, reached out to me to point it out and see how I wanted to proceed. She saved the day by spotting it and allowing me to upload new files to fix the problem! This kind of customer service and attention to detail shows how PrintingCenterUSA employees take pride in their work and care deeply about their customers’ products, not just about making the sale. In a world where everyone is abstracted behind computers, it’s so refreshing to see a company who still cares about people. 

Jazmin: Lastly, can you share a bit more about the ‘how’? How do you envision the future growth of Tiny Values, and how does PrintingCenterUSA fit into this vision?

Angelique: The future of Tiny Values is incredibly exciting. We envision growing our subscription base significantly over the next few years and branching out into more age groups and categories. As we grow, it’s important that our partners can scale with us. PrintingCenterUSA has proven they can handle our increasing demands without compromising on quality or timelines. Their capacity to adapt and deliver consistent results gives us the confidence that they will be an integral part of our growth strategy.

Jazmin: If you were to give a piece of advice to someone considering using PrintingCenterUSA’s services, what would it be?

Angelique: As for advice to someone considering using PrintingCenterUSA, I would say don’t hesitate. The quality of their products is top-notch, and their customer service is unparalleled. But beyond that, they really become a part of your team, understanding your business and its needs, and going above and beyond to ensure your success. Working with PrintingCenterUSA doesn’t feel like a simple business transaction; it feels like a partnership.

The story of Tiny Values is a testament to the transformative power of innovative ideas, unwavering dedication, and the right partnerships. Angelique Reisch’s journey inspires us at PrintingCenterUSA, reminding us of the critical role we play in our clients’ success. As we continue to support businesses like Tiny Values, we look forward to sharing more success stories in the future.

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