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Why You Should Make an Apparel Catalog to Showcase Your Clothing Line

Looking to make an apparel catalog that captivates your audience and expands your reach? Design a catalog that works as hard as you do! From growing your brand awareness to boosting your bottom line through engaging content and innovative strategies, it can be easy to take your business to the next level.

These days, standing out in the apparel industry is all about reaching new customers in a modern and creative way. When it comes to marketing, social media has taken creative designers and fashion to a whole new level but imagine posting about your new fashion line in your own self-published magazine or catalog! Most followers would go crazy for something like that. Online advertising might be the “next best thing” but print marketing will turn heads and have lasting impressions on your customers’ uninterrupted attention.

Let’s get into it!

How do I Create an Apparel Collection?

When you go to create your apparel collection, writing down your goals can help you navigate the market and help you get ideas to stand out in the crowded fashion market. Next sketch your designs, choose your sizes and fit, make prototypes and mockups, then order production. Be sure to group your collection by season or theme to keep a cohesive position in the market. Apparel collections have a certain style or trend to show off a brand’s latest item.


What is a Clothing Catalog?

When you look through a catalog you usually see a brands collection of fashion and accessories. Imagine all your products put into one place with all the necessary information for customers to order products from you without the hassle of making a sale. That is what a catalog can do for you, and it is why they work for businesses of all sizes. Catalogs become your sales reps while you stand back and be the boss you were meant to be. Don’t overthink it!


How do I Make a Successful Apparel Catalog?

Now that you have your inventory ordered this is a great time to start the design of your catalog. When you go to create your catalog, you might be feeling lost or overwhelmed, don’t be! We have super helpful free adobe templates that will give you a head start on your design and layout. Don’t subscribe to Adobe? No worries! Use our free online design tool to drag and drop your images, text, or logos onto your design right from Last but not least, order your catalog. When you order with PCUSA you will also receive a free digital flipbook of your catalog like the example below that was done by Kujo Yard Wear.

Visual storytelling is the customers catalog tour guide that will lead them through a curated journey of your brands features. Visit our blog for more tips on how to create your product catalog.

Another good idea is to plan your marketing strategy on social media with followers or influencers to create pre-launch buzz and get people into your marketing funnel. Add a QR code when you make your apparel catalog. It is super easy and can be a fun and engaging way to entertain your audience as they flip through the pages. Finally launch your collection and use your apparel catalog to maintain a fluent voice for your brand throughout the campaign.

Here are 4 key reasons why we think a catalog is the key to your marketing strategy:

1. Buy in Bulk, Sell in Bulk!

To get the best price for your publication you will want to buy in bulk. Many printing and self-publishing companies offer lower unit prices for higher quantities to help expand your reach and save you money. the more you order, the lower the unit cost. Printing in large quantities with can help your business by reducing costs per unit. Ordering your prints in bulk enhances efficiency, supports brand consistency, and offers flexibility for promotional responses.

Looking for more people who will be interested in your product? Expand your reach by partnering up with wholesale distributors. When you walk by in your local stores, the catalogs you see are usually for specific companies or stores that are selling directly to the customer. Personally reaching out to wholesale distributors after sending them your apparel catalog can increase the chances of collaboration much faster. Never hurts to ask.

2. Multiuse Tool

Not only are clothing catalogs great sales tools, they also make perfect lookbooks. When you make an apparel catalog it turns into a powerful tool for engagement and sales. Customers can take one home from your store to share with friends. Sales representatives can offer them as a way for shoppers to explore your full collection at their leisure. You could even send out your catalogs in your mailing list or newsletter to keep followers up to date on your latest fashion statement. Like we mentioned earlier, seasonal catalogs will give people something to talk about year-round and helps keep them up to date. By using your catalog strategically, you can unlock endless possibilities to achieve various business goals and drive conversions.

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3. Increased Professionalism

When someone sees that your company has a well-designed and quality printed catalog, that instantly elevates your brand’s image showing professional work and credibility to both customers and investors. Catalogs helps customers capture your brand’s style and personality without visiting your physical store. With so many online ads these days, it can be hard to tell which companies are legit and which ones are just trying to pull a fast one. Having a physical catalog and a mailing list gives your brand a sense of authenticity. When potential customers sign up to receive your catalog, it shows they trust your brand, which can lead to more sales.

4. Expand Your Audience

With catalogs you can use targeted distribution to mail catalogs to specific customer personas that identify with your brand. Online advertising might be the big trend, but let’s not forget those who haven’t fully embraced the digital age. Some customers still appreciate the tangible experience of a printed catalog, so why not cater to their preferences.

Make Your Apparel Catalog Today!

If you don’t currently have an apparel catalog, what’s holding you back? Many boutiques and local clothing shops have had great success with their printed materials – maybe it’s time for you to try one out for yourself! Get started on yours today or call 800.995.1555 for help with your catalog project.

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