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Add a special touch to your detachable rip card.

Rip cards provide your customer to rip and take with them your business information, any coupons to use at your store, and anything you may want your customer to take with them.

We print rip cards using high quality paper, ink, and coating finishes.

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Rip card printing services
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Rip Card Printing

Rip Card Printing That Is Affordable

Full color rip card printing is a great way to direct customers to your establishment. Quality rip card printing allows your targeted audience to tear off your perforated business card from a rack card and take it with them for future use. Allow Printing Center USA to print your next advertising rip card printing project using our high quality stock and expertise. We specialize in full color rip card printing and digital rip card printing.

Rip card printing prices are available for standard sizes and styles online. For the following rip card printing options 3.5 x 8.5 with a 2 x 3.5 detachable card using 100# gloss cover or 12 PT gloss cover. Print one or two sides and all rip card orders include a perforated detachable card. For custom rip card printing orders call for pricing. We offer more custom printing options then the pricing available on the website.

UV coated rip cards are more durable and have a high gloss shine that emphasizes the full color printing quality. Request a sample packet today to see our high quality rip card printing first hand!

Printing Center USA provides fast, easy and cheap rip card printing, with two day turnaround options. We are your online rip card printing specialists.Craig Barber

Rip Card Print Marketing Ideas and Tips

Detachable rip card printing- take it with you. Include a rip card on the bottom of your rack card to increase the effectiveness of your advertising efforts. This perforated tear off card gives you a opportunity to pass along your contact information, a special offer or a map. Rip card printing is like having two forms of marketing in one printed piece.

Rip Card Printing Examples
Rip Card Printing

Rip Card Printing Design Tips
When designing your rip card, layout the perforated business card to flow with the top of the rack card design. The card is designed as a take away for the entire piece. One of the main benefits of spending a little extra money on a rack card with a rip card instead of just having a business card is that you have the extra space to share more information and important details with the use of the business card perforated piece as a reference tool, coupon, or contact sheet. The size is designed to be easy for your prospect to take the card with them and refer to it later.

Keep the design simple and if you plan to use the perforated rip card as a business card, make sure the design is similar to your regular business cards.

Additional Rip Card Printing Resources and Ideas
How to Use Rip Cards in your Marketing - There is one core issue with the majority of out-of-home marketing materials, such as posters - once consumers have seen your message, they have nothing to remember it by later. However, rip cards on the bottom of materials can help solve that problem by giving consumers something to take with them.

Take your message door-to-door with rip card hangers - Rip card door hangers can effectively encourage repeat purchases through the use of coupons. 

Affordable Rip Card Hanger Printing Online - Rip cards are great marketing tools for reaching local consumers. They can be posted in public areas, enabling companies to promote their products and services to a large audience. Interested prospects can simply rip a tab from the paper and keep it for later, when they have more time to check out the advertiser.

Use Full Color Printed Rip Card Hangers As a Menu - Rip cards are effective marketing materials for reaching on on-the-move consumers, as passersby can just tear the sponsoring company's information off of the marketing materials and keep it for later use. Restaurants can combine rip cards with door hangers to maximize their promotional pushes.

Cheap Rip Cards Perfect For Increasing Traffic To Your Store - When promotional materials are mounted in high-traffic areas, they can reach hundreds or even thousands of prospective customers a day. Savvy small business owners hoping to leave a lasting impression on these consumers may want to consider rip card printing.

Discount Rip Card Printing For Any Business - By placing rip card hangers on the doors of local consumers, businesses can reach their intended audiences with messages specifically tailored to them. Additionally, if companies leverage the services of online printers, they can create comprehensive rip card marketing initiatives at an affordable rate.

Order Rip Card Printing Online For Fast Turnaround Times - For those looking to reach on-the-go consumers, rip cards are tremendously powerful marketing tools. Consumers can simply tear a rip card off of a flyer or rack card and keep it until they need the product or service offered by the company

Rip Card Layout Grids

Download our free Rip Card template. Fast and easy to do, just upload and add your own design.

Rip card sample

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