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Custom Calendars for Client Relationships

As a business owner or consultant, do you struggle to stand out from the competition and make a lasting impression on clients? Sheila Kliewer discovered a unique solution – and it’s transformed her business. Custom calendars for client relationships have been an integral part of Sheila Kliewer’s successful consulting business. This data expert uses personalized calendars to nurture client loyalty and generate referrals, demonstrating the enduring power of print marketing.

Now, let’s unfold the story.

Sheila Kliewer, a data consultant with over 30 years of experience building custom database solutions, understands the value of strong client relationships. That’s why she leverages custom calendars as a unique and effective way to stay connected with clients and professional associates.

Building a Business Through Strong Relationships

Sheila started her business, Data Wizard, after learning FileMaker while on the job. She eventually grew her business to the point where she could go out on her own. Her target audience includes anyone who needs to record, track, and report data. She has worked with clients from a wide range of industries, including cabinet makers, professional sports teams, conference centers, and even cotton farmers.

“I’m mostly retired now, but since 1991 have been building custom database solutions for clients across the country.” – Sheila

As a sole proprietor, Sheila provides quick and personalized service, grounded in understanding her clients’ needs. This stems from her own years of business experience before becoming a consultant. Early on, she started sending calendars to her clients. She learned from her father who had done well with calendars in his business and decided to try it for herself.

Overcoming Challenges, One Calendar at a Time

Like most small businesses, Sheila faced her share of hurdles in the early days. “Building a client base and establishing trust is essential for any consultant,” she notes. Her personalized approach, coupled with thoughtful gestures like custom calendars, helped build strong bonds crucial to those early successes. At first she started with sending simple motivational pre-printed calendars to her clients, but soon expanded into sending calendars to family, friends, other professional associates, and contractors as well. Sheila realized that sending custom calendars for client relationships could be the next big thing for her business.

Sheila’s commitment to relationship building has translated to tangible outcomes. “My clients are incredibly loyal, and I get many referrals through them. The calendars are a constant, subtle reminder of our partnership,” she explains.

Sheila also had a love of photography, and that was the seed that grew into her next big move. As her love of photography grew, she started to post pictures on Facebook of her hikes and travels. Her friends and family suggested that she send out calendars with her own photography. In 2018 for the 2019 calendar year she made the transition to producing her very own photography calendars to send. She ordered the calendars from PrintingCenterUSA after discovering how easy to use the calendar templates were it was an easy decision. She loved that she could simply drag and drop photos and make a stunning project in no time. “I was very pleased with the result.” It was that easy, for her to begin building more business with custom calendars for client relationships.

Setting Herself Apart from the Competition

Sheila seems to have an affinity for photos of water. Whether it’s dancing like diamonds, or a waterfall smoothed by a long exposure, reflections in a still lake, close-ups of rivers and rocks with long exposure, or displaying the patterns of the sun reflecting on the water, her passion clearly lies in photographing the magic of water. She doesn’t focus on finding the perfect elements of subject and light, but rather waits for nature to provide the perfect opportune moments along her hikes.

“It’s my hope that pictures from my travels and hiking will inspire, uplift and encourage others.” – Sheila

The Power of Printing Custom Calendars

For Sheila, sending her own photography calendars started as a simple way to say “Thank You” at Christmas time for all the people who have been a part of her life. It soon branched into more for her, as not only friends and family looked for the calendars, but clients as well. “Everyone looks forward to getting a calendar from me, and the calendars keep getting better every year!”

Sheila collects pictures throughout the year, she places the ones that get the most engagement on Facebook into the calendar. She always opts for a nice variety throughout the calendar, featuring photos from each of her travels or hiking trips. In 2020, the year of no-travel COVID, she created a calendar with a theme of High Sierra Lakes in the Yosemite area.

The first year she sent out the calendars, they were so well received it encouraged her to continue. People liked them so much better than the stock calendars she had sent previously. She realized she could now share her life with others and it was so well received, it started building deeper relationships with her clients.

Sheila would love to start selling these works of art as well. She envisions a future where she can share her excitement and appreciation for the outdoors and encourage others to get out and see the beauty.

Why Printing Center USA?

Sheila chose PrintingCenterUSA for a few reasons, one being the price, and then the process and free tools available to help her pursue her dream of producing her own photography calendars. She hopes to continue making the calendars and begin marketing them. Sheila would recommend PrintingCenterUSA to anyone looking to start creating their own print product in a fast, easy and affordable fashion.


Sheila Kliewer is a successful data consultant who has built strong relationships with her clients over the years. She is a testament to the power of personalized service and relationship building. By using print marketing to stay connected with her clients and associates, Sheila has been able to grow her business and build lasting relationships, and also share her passion and talents to a broad audience with custom calendars.

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