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What are the different mailing options? Presort Standard Mail: Lowest-priced postage. Approximately 1-3 weeks mail delivery time. First Class Presorted: Delivers normally within 1 week.

Is my online postage estimate exact?   This online estimate may vary, it is based on postage for the USA only and is calculated by the quantity you enter into the online quote system.  If your number of contacts varies from that quantity, or if you have foreign postage, or if the design of your printed piece does not meet postal regulations; your final postage may vary from this estimate.

When will my direct mail go to the post office? You get your job in the mail as fast as 2 days after production.

How do mailing permits work? Mailing permits correlate with the location of the mailing. Therefore, your product requires our permit if we are mailing it for you.  We will add the permit to your piece.

Can I use my mailing permit? If you prefer to use your mailing permit then we address your materials and ship them to you to mail from your location.

Do you offer Every Door Direct Mail Services?  Yes, PrintingCenterUSA can take care of any Every Door Direct Mail Services order nationwide.  If you are outside of our local area, there will be extra shipping charges to send your printed pieces to your local post office. Learn more about EDDM from us and from the USPS.

What is CASS Certification?  The CASS system, or the Coding Accuracy Support System, adds the Zip+4 code to your mailing list and formats the addresses to Postal Service standards where it is available. This saves you money on postage and improves the deliverability of your mailing.

Is my list CASS Certified? Every list is CASS certified? A process that removes duplicates, and identifies questionable (undeliverable) addresses according to the USPS. You choose to continue to send to the undeliverable addresses or we can delete them from your list. Upon your request you may receive a copy of the Cass certified list.

What is NCOA (National Change Of Address)? The NCOA system is updated by the USPS database from change of address requests within the last 48 months. By running a check on your lists you save money by updating your address. Pieces that are not updated are recycled by the post office.

What if I need part of my printing mailed and the other part shipped? When placing your order, specify the number you need mailed and we will price the job accordingly. Provide us with the shipping address for the remainder and we will take care of the rest.

How do you address my mailing pieces?  PrintingCenterUSA uses Ink Jet Addressing. Using the latest technology, we address and barcode your printed piece to meet the USPS regulations.

Are my mailing lists safe or being used? List confidentiality is important to us.  Your lists are kept completely confidential. We do not sell or use your list for any reason. A copy of your list is kept on file for you to use on future mailings, unless you request otherwise.


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