Paper: Cover Paper

Cover Cardstock Paper Options: Gloss or Matte

  • 80# Cover Cardstock (8pt) is the preferred substrate for booklet covers. It is about twice as thick as 80# text and is comparable to a postcard or baseball card. It provides a sharp and appealing look with a more substantial and sturdy high-end while still being affordably priced. Special characteristics include dimensional stability, good folding qualities and durability. This paper stock is suited for scoring and die-cutting.
  • 100# Cover Cardstock (9pt) has the same characteristics and uses as 80# cover cardstock but has roughly 25% more bulk, being thicker and heavier, similar to a nice wedding invitation. This is the highest quality premium paper.
  • 100# Text (5pt) is about 25% more bulk being thicker and heavier than 80# Test with a sturdy and high-end.
  • 80# Text (4pt) is inexpensive but not as upscale as a 100# Text. It has less opacity, meaning that your two sided projects may show through the page. PrintingCenterUSA only recommend this paper if weight becomes an issue for mailing purposes or when your saddle stitch book has more than 80 pages, your inside pages must be printed on 80# text to accommodate up to 92 pages.

Cover Cardstock Paper Options: Uncoated

  • 70# Uncoated Text (5pt) this paper is commonly used when you are expecting to write in the piece itself. Match this up with an uncoated cover to give the entire project an uncoated look and feel.